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Today, I facebooked my friends about my upcoming birthday party, and told them to keep the date free. I got several responses telling me that's not possible, because that's the day the new Harry Potter movie comes out. FML
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caffieneminx 0

I would honestly have to agree. Opening night of Harry Potter matches no other.

pshh who wouldn't go watch Harry Potter instead *light bulb goes on in head* maybe you can have your birthday party at the movie theater!


suaveneanderthal 0

I don't know whats worse here the fact that your friends would rather go see harry potter then hang out with you or the fact that you are friends with the kids that go see those movies, but either way your life is clearly ******.

MasterModeraor 0

Seriously can u get much dumber?! My god... easy soultion.... make ur birthday party seeing the harry potter movie and have every1 come. god u must b like 10 or something if u still have birthday parties that arent seeing the harry potter movie. Cause Harry Potters PG-13 material

I'm laughing too! I mean seriously! It's Harry Potter!!! Even my best friend who isn't into the books and doesn't ever plan to read them is excited about the movie! Our plans for that date were made ages ago!! We'll be first in line for the first showing!! Haha! Well, maybe not first, but we'll definitely be there that first day. The same goes for the Twilight movie and he doesn't even want to see that one! He just knows how badly I want to see it! Seriously, change the date of your event if you really want your friends to do something with you. You might want to go a day or two before rather than after because anyone who missed HP the first night will be going the next few and even some of the ones who did make it the first night will be going the following nights!

cheerthefkupism 0

I agree! Get your friends together. Have like a bday dinner thing and then go see a late nite showing. That would be sweet. My bday's the 14th and that's what my friends and I are doing on the day of the premiere!

Um, I know PLENTY of responsible grown ups who love Harry Potter. It can't be just a kid thing or else JK Rowling wouldn't be the richest woman in England, would she??

Actually, not anymore, # 237. This one's rated PG... it's seriously gay.

#338: Regardless of whether or not it is a birthday party, I would still value those I know over some kitsch, crap film that barely has the ability to derive any sense of mystery or tension. And your argument is stupid — Rowling being rich isn't a testament to how great the books are; it just shows that she's a good business woman. Furthermore, it even has SUPPORT for my argument, showing that books were primarily written not for the any artistic merit but as a means of getting money. And if her stories are outsold by the Bible, that just shows that tawdry fiction is apparently what the masses want. Yes, I did just call the Bible "tawdry fiction".

tiptoes4eva230 1

Hahaha id most deff go to the Harry Potter movie than go to ur party! Ok that was mean. Jess

YDI for thinking your birthday is more important than Harry Potter lol

believe me I think everyone would ditch you, it's harry potter!

YourVoiceofReasn 6

"Change the date of your event" Ok, let me just go back in time and change the date of my ******* BIRTH!

caffieneminx 0

I would honestly have to agree. Opening night of Harry Potter matches no other.

I agree. Harry Potter movie only comes out once. Birthdays come every year. HP FTW.

This. Sorry, dude, but your birthday comes around every year. We've been waiting for this movie for ages.

LAXer9393 0

exactly. don't take it personally. that movies going to be epic.

awkwardepicfail 0

Word. opening night of hp is gonna be bomb. I can't wait for it. lol.

missababgaga 19

Well they did say it was impossible to keep the night open, since they planned to see Harry Potter... so maybe they were being smart asses. Plus, now it gives a fantastic reason for you to go with them. Therefore, this isn't really much of an FML!

pshh who wouldn't go watch Harry Potter instead *light bulb goes on in head* maybe you can have your birthday party at the movie theater!

nice idea too bad OP is too dumb to realize that

czarofandronia 0

wow I'm impressed that a "twilighter" said that lol

robotiick 12

Though you might have been waiting for this birthday for a year, Harry Potter fans have been waiting for that movie since they were like 7...they would be likely to pick HP before you, it's nothing personal.

you have the same birthday as me...and i'm going to the same movie on my birthday

Went to watch it on my birthday too!! LOL

You and your friends are completely lame. Why not combine the occasion?

Well, as a HP fan, I kind of have to say's an event many people in the world have been looking forward to for much longer that necessary due to the delayed date...

Ydi for being born on the day of the new Harry potter movie...? How does that work?

You're kind of an annoying prick, aren't you, #7?

Tell them your party's at Hogwarts and go screw themselves But seriously, I'm not a huge HP fan and I still go to opening night haha

You realllllly should have figured that out a long time ago...

#3 - I'm glad the solution is obvious to someone besides me :-) I mean FYL for having friends who watch movies!