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Everytime I read an FML that talks about kids, I slowly and slowly lose the urge to have kids of my own. fml...

Sexist. So typical.


Sexist. So typical.

or you know, just lazy. i doubt kids are sexist, especially to their mom.

Well, to be fair, it was the kitchen...

to be fair, a man was making his own sandwich...

It's sexist to say that's sexist

Sounds like you have more than two kids, OP.

Make a big mess an don't clean up. Teach em a lesson

Is this a joke?

typical Rick

Sexist Pricks make me so mad!!! "get back to the kitchen" "Make me a sandwich" "Clean the house" BLAHBLAHBLAH!!! STFU!!

74- get back in the kitchen and make me a sammich. :P

Wow! I would yell at them!

34 - Actually, it was sexist when 1 said "typical". 1 doesn't know these people so they're saying it about men in general.

Time for a beat down..

enjoy the grilled cheese first ;)

Beat them with a sack of oranges. (doesn't leave marks) trust me I know

Everytime I read an FML that talks about kids, I slowly and slowly lose the urge to have kids of my own. fml...

Yeah, they're getting worse. When I was a kid we knew to point the toaster at the wall and put a plate down to catch the rebound.

I'm never going to have kids.... Little money wasting bastards.

You WERE a kid. I'll bet you were perfect and didn't cost a dime..... *sarcasm*

My previous comment was for 53. 4- If you DO have kids, you can use the FMLs about kids as a guide line of what not to do.

Wait, how did the grilled cheese turn out?

Of course I was a little angel and I started working at the age of 3 like all the other good kids.

if your husband isn't a dumbass don't worry about it.

At kei1108, ha! I knew I was being a money pit and a little shit-head to my mom when I was young; that's why I'm never having kids. Kids today make that decision sweeter, though.

Sounds like my mom, only much more exaggerated :P I'm sorry OP, i'm going to be nicer to my mom, we all should. we wouldnt be here without them :S

I was adopted, moms are great and all but you can't feel that way when you're in my position. But other peoples moms are great!

Yes you can. If your adopting parents didn't get you, you would be bounced around from foster home to foster home. Or worse, aborted. You should be just as grateful if not more.

Your case should make you more appreciative of what you've got. Someone who did not birth you, who would not have any obligation to you if they did not want to, took you in and gave you a roof over your head. If you have a uterus, and working ovaries, you can be a mother, but moms take it beyond that.

Treat them like dogs. Rub their nose in it while yelling, No No!! Bad boy!!

I wouldn't mind having my face rubbed in grilled cheese... In fact, I'll volunteer to be the first! :D

I've never met a woman that was stronger than me before.... I can't imagine a woman forcing my face into something I didn't want to eat in the first place....... oh wait...... Omnomnom.

Actually, the dog would learn not to go into the kitchen. So it wouldn't work. If we treat a kid like a dog.

Wait...I thought grilled cheese was supposed to be comfort food! But, I am pretty sure OP isn't comfortable right now.

That's messed up even if your doing it to a dog.

Well this was meant for 5

#6, *ba dum tsss*

#66, It's the drums.

66- It's the sound of my epic fail.

No kidding... I want to try

It's time for you to get back to the kitchen - To sabotage their next meal with the gross grilled cheese they left on the floor. Then maybe they'll learn to clean up their messes and not waste things.

They might be on to something genius here... Take notes

I thought the same thing. If you put the plate in the right place it works

Exactly!! These kids are taking extreme cooking to a whole new level

I thought the same thing. If you put the plate in the right place it works

I don't see how turning the toaster sideways makes grilled cheese... but FYL

Turn the toaster sideways, insert bread, put cheese on the bottom piece of bread. Start toaster. When bread turns into toast, the pieces of toast pop out. And on the bottom piece of toast is melted cheese. Put toast together in sandwich form. You now have grilled cheese. Now was that so hard?

Can you say that again, slower this time, 30? I'm taking notes.