By Tallulah - 29/07/2011 06:56 - United Kingdom

Today, after eating out with my boyfriend, we went for a drive, but ended up getting into an argument. I reached back to grab my bag and storm out of the car. He thought I was trying to take the restaurant's doggy bag and lunged at me. My boyfriend would rather save chicken than our relationship. FML
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1, are you serious? You're probably some ten year old pre-pubescent boy who jerks off to the staurday morning cartoons. You most likely know nothing about relationships because you're too busy inside your room to even talk to a girl. Come back in 5 years when you might have some common sense.

so who started the argument? if op is a total bitch, I'm goin to kfc for some chicken and leaving her on the sidewalk. if it's the boyfreind. then dont overreact like that and it wouldn't have happened

25, I'm just surprised that I didn't make a single spelling mistake in that. Grammar Nazis everywhere may now frown.

A worthy adversary, I capitalized that in order to keep from compromising my own situation.

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18, all numbers below ten need to be spelled out. :)

maybe it was just really good chicken

I'm with number when he cares more about chicken then you it's a sign

Chicken looks good on the outside and tastes good on the inside. Chicken Is cheaper. Chicken cant complain. Chicken Doesn't have birthdays to worry about. There are lots of reasons to choose chicken maybe if you acted more like one you could have a decent relationship

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He's acting like a child for grabbing the chicken. She is also acting like a child for storming off. She totally deserved it. But maybe they are good for each other cos they both act like children.

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dorkychick 0 tackle you for some chickennnn tooo

You have no idea what people would do for some good chicken. Watch South Park, and pay close attention to Eric Cartman.

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or maybe it was really good chicken

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Who doesn't enjoy some **** in your backseat. Even better when it's in your trunk. It can cause your tailpipe to emit stronger odors however.

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Agreed. Food doesn't leave you. It will always satisfy you. You don't have to be ashamed of (food) ****. It doesn't complain about anything. Best of all, it always taste good.

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you = no girlfriend in the near future.

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the problem with girlfriend+kitchen=food is that you have to supply your girlfriend with the materials needed to make said food. might as well just order takeout.

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It's ok cuz she shouldn't eat when she's upset... He was just looking out for her

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you have you're priorities right

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they just got back from dinner... he wouldn't be hungry.

Grab a drum stuck an' ya' brain starts clickin'.

Stick* I didn't proof read that single sentence very well.

what an asshole! if he does that then your better off without him op

yea!! how dare he have an argument with you OP?? and to top it off, he lunged for the food?? KILL HIM!!! #6 .. -_- .. just -_-

Well was it good chicken? if it was, I see no problem.

well maybe the chicken was really good? Lol just kidding! just dump him, he's obviously an ass!

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Well based on ur picture. Her boyfriends not the only one that loves a **** in his mouth.

what did 30 say about him? haters need to **** off.

That chicken must've been cooked by Kenny Rogers if it was that good.

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Should have let him dolphin dive for it and end up getting a broken arm.