Oh yessss

By Anonymous - 29/07/2011 07:24 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend and I had sex, and it was my first time being on top. I got so into it that when I went to put my hands on the wall for support, the shelf above my bed snapped, with my favorite little cactus falling onto his face. FML
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MrFlintstone 5

look sharp, you just got yourself In a prickly situation. you might wanna start running and desert the place before be cactus up to you

krazy_glu3 0

wait till hes on top. that shelf my 'accidentally' break again.

enonymous 8

He still finished so Im sure he doesn't care

FYLinAmajorWay 1

Wild sex + Cactus over the bed = Painful Situation...but it doesn't say anywhere in the FML that you both stopped so you must have been doing something good if he was willing to get over the fact that he had a bunch of cactus needles in his face. lol

enonymous 8

I enjoy a good cocktus in the ass every now and then... more now than then...

hellbilly205 17

talk about a boner kill. Seriously haha. and this should be the guys fml, think about that he's the one that got a cactus to the face Today, i was having sex with my girlfriend, and a cactus fell on me midway through. FML

blanquito 1

does anyone else notice the "cactus above bed" trend on FML?

katieklein 0

He felt the burning sensation!

juicedboi 7

So in a way, you both copped it in the face that night. Moral of the story is, cacti are cockblockers!

who has shelves above the bed? that's bad news lol

Sticks and stones may break my bones but cactuses excite me.

CatEyes66 0

She decided to do the poking this time.

TheChampagneBoi 5

Could have been worse, like a snowglobe.

I love how she said "favorite little cactus" as if she's more worried about the cactus rather than his face -.-

a cactus is bad feng shui in the bedroom...just thought id mention that fun fact.

Looks like he was ******. HAHAHAHAHAHA

p3mguin 7

I would finish all over her bouncy boobs if I had a cactus on my face. My boner would not go away.

Why the hell was there a cactus above your bed. That's just asking for disaster.

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She Put A Bag Over My Head.! XD

iSitt 0

he'll always remember her that way.

Cereal_Is_Good 5

At least it wasn't your favorite brick.

..and if he wasin't a prick earlier.. he is now.

Igshmia 0

I can think of some worse places...

zachattack112492 4

yea, it could of hit his snow globes

I bet the cactus was jealous you were getting some and he wasn't!

that may be one of the dumbest things I've ever read!

tylersign 11
turkishjew 0

on this site that is on my top most stupid comments ever made

ok all of you are seriously such dipshits. ever heard of sarcasm?

owling is when you do the same thing as planking, but you sit in a perch like an owl.

pottymouth16 0

thts the stupidess shit I've ever heard

Cereal_Is_Good 5

Regardless of you being sarcastic, it wasn't funny.

Rapt0rJesus 0

Not quite the smartest in the family.

DKjazz 20

He likes his pleasure laced with pain. And cacti.

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