By Anonymous - 11/7/2021 08:01

Chill out, Judy

Today, my mom found out about my brother smoking. She calmly discussed smoking with him. On the other hand, I got yelled at and made to do chores all day despite having a university exam, just because I knew about it but I didn't tell her, because I knew that I would get the short end of the stick. FML
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By  JM2787  |  4

What kind of mom does that?

By  JM2787  |  4

What kind of mom does that?

By  Even Neeve  |  3

Can you move out? Parents that do this like to manipulate and gaslight their kids. You aren’t the parent so it’s not your responsibility. But it is her job as your mom to make sure you get where you need to go for school and that she isn’t the reason you miss things.