By Anonymous - 14/06/2013 16:24 - Cyprus - Limassol

Today, I attended my mother's funeral. My husband came too, and during the service, I kept hearing him giggling. I wrote it off as the usual awkward nerves, until he started snorting too, and I caught sight of the iPhone under his jacket. He was reading this very site. FML
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That is so insensitive. I'm sorry for your loss, OP.

And he's probably reading this very story right now. Busted sir!


That is so insensitive. I'm sorry for your loss, OP.

Damian95 16 IS a pretty cool site.

Yo dawg, I heard you like FML, so we put FML in an FML..

Original Poster... And FML is indeed a cool site so I'll allow the husband.

Its Obvious he Didnt missed Your mom haha And thats a Fact#FYL

OP stands for Octopussy. Ya know, the James Bond movie?

fieldhockeygal97 19

Damn OP, fyl. Did you snatch the phone from him?

I would have waited until we got home and then smashed it. What he did was absolutely disgusting.

#2, how else do you think this got posted?

#100 maybe she posted it herself, on her own phone? Lol. maybe that's too crazy, huh?

euphoricness 28

You should thank him, how else would you be able to post this FML!

Misswildsides 22

I wouldn't thank my husband for being on his phone laughing during my mothers funeral..

MissWhitneyB 17

That was an asshole comment. Smh. Thanking him for being the reason she gets to post on FML? Like really?

You're so stupid, if I was at the funeral I would have best the crap out of him, like seriously. Have some respect for the family.

Not everyone's goal in life is to get published here. Jus sayin'

Jelbeztok 17

im pretty sure this isnt a serious comment..

The least he could do was show a bit of respect, sorry for your loss.

And he's probably reading this very story right now. Busted sir!

yup, and now we wait for his post, which might go something along the lines of, "Today, my wife shoved my phone up my a**."

Well I hope he will read this : You're an asshole.

Hi everyone, OP's husband here. Just got back from the hospital. Doctors managed to dislodge the phone from my butt hole. I won't be able to sit down for 2-3 weeks. The pain should only last a month or so longer. Only joking. The phone's still stuck.

ravenevercross 19

Well, at least he was reading an awesome app.

Really? You could be a bit more considerate.

Well you wouldn't want him looking at **** pictures or something weird.

grahmagog 14

I dont understand humans most of the needed him and he was ******* around...sorry for your loss OP but your husband is highly insensitive

imtooshy 18

So sorry for your loss. I hope he enjoys his stay in the dog house!!

Do the same at his mothers' funeral.

Michael_92 20

Cause you know...stooping down to their level is always a good idea right?