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Today, I had a job interview. Everything was going well until I noticed a picture of a dog hanging on the wall, which reminded me of the ending of Marley and Me. I started crying and had to be escorted out. FML
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Words cannot express how completely undatable you sound.

perdix 29

#1, strong words coming from the girl with the mustache!


Words cannot express how completely undatable you sound.

I'm sure Sarah Mclachlan might date him..

You're a grown man, if you can't hold yourself together for an interview, it shows you're not capable for the job.

perdix 29

#1, strong words coming from the girl with the mustache!

Imagine what else makes him cry... Dang OP.

I disagree, perhaps this reaction was a bit too much, but I wouldn't mind dating a guy who isn't afraid to show his emotions! Rather that than someone who doesn't find the ending of "Marley and Me" sad.

35- I'm pretty sure anyone would find that sad. OP, on the other hand, just went full beta. Never go full beta…

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A man who is in tune with his emotions is one thing, a man who cries after seeing a picture of a dog..well that's no man at all.

You never know, there might be more to this FML than just a man crying because he remembered the ending to a movie. He might have been under stress, something traumatic might have happened in his life, and remembering the ending to Marley and Me could have acted as a trigger and let out everything he was feeling, which might be totally unrelated, at once. You feel like you've lost control over yourself. It's happened to me before = I don't think we need to be a dick to someone just because he cried in a strange place; we don't really know the full story

I agree. He sounds like he has a ton of pent up sadness that was just waiting for the release trigger so he could have this melt down. I hope you got it all out if your system OP. Hope you've learnt not to repress your emotions from all this. Let that shit out!!

Damn, the ending to this thread just ****** me up, oh shit, here come the waterworks

27- The girl with the mustache AND a boyfriend! Mwahahahaha Guess there's someone out there for everyone :P

35- Having dated a "sensitive" guy for several years in the past, I can tell you that frequent and excessive outpourings of unbridled emotion are ridiculously annoying to deal with. It's nice when emotionally well-rounded people are open about their feelings, sure. Whole different ball game when it comes to the type to cry uncontrolably at pictures of dogs.

i guess he needs more than four years to get over a sad dog movie

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I know the dog dies at the end of the movie but why would you start to cry from just thinking of the ending of the movie

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Not only did you just ruin the ending for anyone who wanted to see it, you answered your own question.

What specifically happens at the end? I need spoilers, I'm not a movie person.

No shit. I'm asking for specifics, not generalizations. How does it happen? Is it an Old Yeller type deal?

Well #2, I cried for hours after seeing Marley and Me because one of my dogs passed away the same as in the movie. A picture can trigger memories and feelings that sometimes it's hard to contain. Even though OP had a slight meltdown at the wrong time, I can understand how it can happen; the point of the movie was to show how much the family loved their pet and it was to convey emotion. Losing a pet is never easy and even after many years it still hurts...

If a movie is 5 years old, it's not really a spoiler anymore. Anyone who wants to see it has had plenty of opportunity to.

RocketNinjaFish 12

104- some people still may not have seen it. A few years ago i was at school reading a Harry Potter book (the half blood prince) and I girl came up to me assuming I'd already read it once before. She told me that a character dies, and which one, completely ruining the book for me. You shouldn't just assume everyone who wants to see it has seen it.

111 - Thats completely different; if you're in the middle of watching Marley and Me you probably don't want people telling you the plot, if you don't care enough to watch it, you shouldn't care about the plot.

RocketNinjaFish 12

122- yeah I know it's not quite the same. I was just trying to say that some people might not have had the chance to see it. The girl that wrecked the book for me did so by accident because she thought I'd read it before, as she said "everyone's read it". But that wasn't true. I hadn't had a chance to read it before. I was just trying to use it as an example to say that you shouldn't assume that everyone who wants to see it has. I guess I wasn't getting my point across properly. Sorry about that :)

-72 His stomach kept twisting into knots, and he eventually got too old for the surgery. So they put him down. Sad movie...

While I totally understand how sad that movie is, you need to keep your emotions in line. Get some help

Op though that's pathetic, this shouldn't even be an FML! I have had worse but they don't even post it

Do read rule #2 of the comment policy...

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Wow op, learn to control your emotions.

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Maybe consider some therapy, or find a friend to just, talk to.

JoeGrant 12

Just realized that about 3 others commented the same as me. Sorry for the redundancy.

That's kind of ridiculous. Maybe your luck will change and you'll somehow get the job. Probably not though.

That's nice of you to say, but let's be honest here. He was _escorted out_. There's not even the remotest chance of him getting the job. Seriously. Lol

Seriously dude, I didn't even cry in the actual movie.

You're so hard dude. I bet you can blow your nose with paper towels instead of tissues.

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Neither did I, ur not alone. And I don't think he's tryin to be hard. Just stating a fact..

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#11, me, neither. I expected to, but that dog was such a bastard, I was glad to see it go. And I wept bitterly when my Panthers got crushed in hockey last night.

I did, and oh how my family laughed and laughed.............. And laughed.

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Woah someone pass the midol!

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Of course we can pms, didn't you learn anything in sex ed class?

olpally 32

We can pms and girls don't poop. I paid attention in sex Ed. ;)