By hoogimo - 24/11/2010 10:55

Today, after buying my girlfriend a $700 bracelet for Christmas, I hinted that I wanted a pair of Oakleys. She told me I shouldn't get her anything and that I should expect even less. FML
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hahaha! You deserve it for thinking she is obliged to get you an expensive present just because you got her an expensive one.

Christmas is about giving, not getting. Try not to be selfish.


Give her the bracelet and make her feel like crap

since she told you not to get her anything as well it probably just means she's poor and doesn't want to feel the guilt ;)

Christmas is about giving, not getting. Try not to be selfish.

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That's true, but this guy's situation just plain sucks. And his girlfriend is being a bitch.

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he just hinted it anyways, he didnt demanded stuff

Why is she a bitch? She does not know that her boyfriend is willing to spend 700 dollar (wtf??) on a Christmas gift. He can't blame her, it's obvious that they didn't talk about (the amount of) presents.They should work on the communication.

it's a Christmas gift. why should they have to sit down and discuss prices to spend? some surprise that would be -_-

...because it clearly isn't as easy as you might think? To avoid bad suprises like this? To don't feel bad about yourself if your partner bought something really expensive whilst you did not? I absolutely have no idea why you should discuss prices.

agreed #2 but I'd like to have a sweeter Gf.

What's the point of exchanging gifts if you're each going to spend an equal amount each way? You may as well just buy your own gift. Also maybe she's downplaying what she's going to get you for Christmas in order to surprise you.

Look, it doesn't have to be equal at exact one dollar (duuh), but I think there is a great gaping hole between zero dollars and sevenhundred, don't you? And I suggest we may avoid that in the future. I am trying to convince my boyfriend to don't buy anything expensive (and for me, that's around 50 dollars) if he's not sure whether I'll like it.

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I agree with Djeepee. My boyfriend and I communicate about what we want and how much is too much. While I want to get him something he'll really like, I don't want to break the bank while he's going for something smaller and vice versa. I wouldn't want to make someone else feel like their gift isn't as good or something. Point blank, it's just out of consideration.

yes, but if he is willing to spend that much money on her then they must be in a pretty serious relationship and she should at least attempt to get him SOMETHING, even if it is 'opening up to him a little more'. just a thought.

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is english a second language for you? just curious.

or maybe she doesnt have money to blow like that. I know i personally will be lucky to be able to get my boyfriend anything after paying all the bills i have

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she doesn't know he's gotten her anything though..

W4X, are you saying that she should be his personal prostitute to 'get even' with a 700 dollar present? Do anal, or something like that? Christ.

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take it back and get her some cheap slippers with a pic of the bracelet

52 I don't think he's saying that he's just saying sometimes presents can be special sex. I know for my birthday my boyfriend gave me hot sex :) plus a vibrator...

76 keep that shit to yourself. do you have a habit of sharing your sexual endeavors on fml?

Oh oh, I think some guy didn't get a ******* for their last birthday.

105: Check out 76's profile. She explicitly explains that she often does divulge TMI.

so return the bracelet and buy yourself the sunnies. problem solved.

Precisely what I was thinking. In a month's time this would be a FML, but now it's the most easily solved problem in the world. P.S. - OP, I don't know you, your girlfriend, or anything about you two apart from this story, but I can tell you here and now that this relationship won't last. You're clearly on completely different wavelengths.

hahaha! You deserve it for thinking she is obliged to get you an expensive present just because you got her an expensive one.

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No, he deserves it for spending that much on her, period.

No, I think marinus is right. Ever heard of giving unconditionally?

marinus is completly right!! if you buy someone something and then expect something in return, you're an idiot imo...

It's Obligated btw and the bitch should appreciate him enough to buy him some nice Oakley shades. I say tell her to kick rocks.

this is what happens when kids think they're in love.

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no its what happens when ur chick is a greedy ***** and whoever says christmas is about the thought thaat counts thats bull thats what cheap people say lol

It is kinda the thought that counts, Yeah a TV would be nice for xmas but it doesn't beat handmade photo albums or little things that mean a lot to you. :)

And your name is HotPotatoCold! I see what you did there. Or maybe you didn't see.

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that sucks u should just give her the present now and maybe she will realize it is expensive then get you that pair of oakleys or something.

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Nothing lile trying to guilt tripping someone into buying you an expensive gift just because you got them an expensive one.

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Hope you are talking about OP being a gold digger to ask for stupidly expensive shades just because HE was stupid enough to buy her a $700 bracelet. Surely you were not saying the gf is a gold digger? She is unaware of the bracelet and was clear she is not buying anything expensive and that he should not either. A lot of thing factor into the appropriateness of a gift. Starting with their respective incomes. Are they earning the same amount or is he earning significantly more? What are their financial obligations? Depending on their ages, he would have been wiser to put that towards a weekend somewhere really nice.

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Honestly, I was referring to the girlfriend. You, however, do put up some valid points.

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look at this guys reply. a whole essay to one word

I agree with #29. Why on earth would you call the girl a gold digger. That would imply she was out for him to buy her expensive things. Obviously not, if she told him just the opposite.