By flyakite29 - 20/07/2009 16:36 - United States

Today, my girlfriend came home and announced that she'd just bought a $40 pair of flipflops. She then declared that I wouldn't be getting a birthday gift this year due to budget shortfalls. For hers a month prior, I'd got her a $300 piece of jewelry. FML
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What a bitch!! Sounds to me like she is a gold digger or a *****.

Dude....dump that bitch and find a woman that doesn't thrive on material gain!


What a bitch!! Sounds to me like she is a gold digger or a *****.

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Agreed. Dump her and get your jewelry back too =P

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Wow you people know nothing. Why would you give her jewelry for her birthday? It is the most THOUGHTLESS gift a man can give a woman. Anyone can give a girl some expensive shiny rocks. Beside. $40 dollars for sandals IS NOT expensive, especially durable leather ones (like rainbows... which cost more than $40!) Some people prefer durable sandals that last longer than shoes. Maybe if she spent $400 pair of shoes, I'd feel sorry for you. It isn't EVEN your birthday yet and you are already complaining! Asshole. YDI for giving her jewelry. No wonder why she doesn't take birthdays seriously. Douchebag.

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Hey, the computer screen sure does make some goldfish obsessed teenage dork very brave. You could stand to follow the advice gallingly advertised on your own silly profile.

He got her something nice, she wasted $$$ on crap and TOLD him he'd get zilch because she had money issues, and then you made a moronic comment. Shut up.

how the hell is it the most unthoughtful thing to give a woman? sure anyone can buy jewellery but you can say that for any gift. i personally love getting it, i'd rather a lovely necklace than something i'd never use or wear! i wear them everyday. so no he doesn't deserve it, how do you know that it wasn't something she wanted hm?

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then dont ******* give it too her its not like she knows you were giving it to her tell her you got robbed or some shit like that, give her like a ball point pen

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#81 Do YOU give random female friends $300 "shiny rocks"? Thought not.

105, he already gave her the gift . and what a bitch she could at least started saving ahead of time I do that when I don't have much money -.- poor op

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$40 for flip flops is RIDICULOUS.

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Dude....dump that bitch and find a woman that doesn't thrive on material gain!

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Or maybe HE shouldn't thrive on material gain.

Dude....NOTHING wrong with getting something for your birthday. Even a giftcard would have been nice, but this girl decided that $40 flipflops were more important, even after he'd given her such a nice gift for her own birthday before. I didn't even know flipflops could get that damned expensive!

They can if you're a materialistic bitch who doesn't think about anyone but yourself. (read: The OP's HOPEFULLY soon-to-be-ex)

@15 maybe she bought those colourful havaina slippers from Brazil. They are unfeasibly expensive. And yeah a gift card for $20 would have sufficed. what a B!tch

The point is really that he has an inconsiderate girlfriend who puts herself first. If someone does that, you just stare at them and wonder what goes on inside their head...

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I agree! Its not even his birthday and he's complaining! What a douche.

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How mean and inconsiderate. I wouldn't stay with her.

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Dump her. She can buy a $40 pair of flip flops that she doesn't need, but can't get you a birthday present? Wait on second thought, don't dump her - just tell her that you want your present to be a threesome with her hot friend.

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By no means a terrible idea. It's a ******' shit thing for her to do but WTH, maybe there is an upside :)

She sounds like she's really bad with money. Better be careful bro...fyl

This is a prime example of what is commonly referred to as a selfish bitch. Also, a stupid one. Claiming money problems after showing off a new purchase isn't very convincing