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Today, I had a very long, complicated talk with my girlfriend. Apparently, since she isn't religious, she doesn't have to give anyone Christmas presents, and yet expects everyone to give her some. She then told me what I should get her. FML
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I hate it when people expect things from you yet if the situation was reversed it's "different".

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1- No???? Also, that makes sense, I suppose... but if she really meant to be supportive, she can do what I do... Give a present only if I recieve one. I tell people not to get me anything, that's probably where she went slightly off with her flawed selfish logic.

Tell her your religion requires gifts to be bought for you :)

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You guys have it all wrong. To put it simply, she is a cheap, selfish bitch who is making excuses. You don't have to be religious to celebrate Christmas, I know plenty of atheists who do. FYL OP for having to deal with a gf like that.

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Tell her that she can't have it both ways. If she doesn't celebrate Christmas then she doesn't get gifts. And tell her you aren't going to get her anything since you respect her religious views

OP... what you should get is "over her".

That's weird #29. I've never heard anything saying that I must give Christmas gifts to believe in God. I know a lot of anti-religious people who celebrate christmas.

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32, you are just as bad as OP's girlfriend.. Religion aside, giving a gift and "expecting" one back is not the point of giving a gift. You are just as selfish as the girlfriend.

121, it's not part of my religion to celebrate Christmas... but since I'm forced into returning a gift, I do so. I would rather not get a gift at all, hence me saying that before... I still don't see the selfish part of trying to not celebrate a religion that's not mine....

Don't get her anything. Just break up with her... Calm down guys, I'm kidding.

People who say they don't believe in god but still celebrate Christmas are hypocrites who don't really mean it, sorry to be mean but denying god and expecting gifts on his day of birth is.. Wrong? P.S I'm not religious, I'm just saying :)

164, First of all, the holiday you consider the birth of a mythical prophet is actually a pagan holiday. Secondly, Christmas is more commercial than religious. The bible doesn't say that people should buy expensive electronics made in China. Non Christians can celebrate Christmas. However, that being said, OP's girlfriend has an extreme double standard which is obscene.

164, are you stupid? That was the worst thing that I have ever read; ever.

I wonder if she will get any presents from Santa. Probably not with that attitude.

165, oh, not at all. I guess I will accept gifts and do the immoral thing by keeping it to myself and not returning the nice gesture. That does seem more appealing... But I'll stick with being a good friend. I know the point of Christmas is to give and not get a gift back, but IT AIN'T MUH HOLAYDAY, so I have to return the favor, speaking from my moralistic views, though.

Religious or not The main reason its to celebrate with ur beloved ones... that how in the old was celebrated....

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I expect everyone here to give me a gift. I accept cash check and teabaggings

I'm atheist and i give and recieve presents. It's the season of giving to me, you don't have to be religious.

I'd just give her my leftover halloween candy.

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Jesus wasn't born on Christmas you oaf. The only previous association with religion is that old saint nick was a 'saint.' Jesus' birth was stapled onto the holiday. Stop being such a Bible thumper and actually learn about your own religion!

#212 I wouldn't even give her my Halloween leftover candy...

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164- Even I know Christmas is celebrated by Christians because of the birth of JESUS, not god. And I'm athiest.

296- no shit, last time I checked Jesus was also considered god/son of ******* god

haha 29 get some real history facts the association between religion and Christmas is vague Jesus wasn't born December 25 cause in his time calendars were different so its technically impossible to determine that the basis was was good will towards ur fellow man and givin to those who need it it just evolved from there and since it was started by a preist named Nicolas clause it got associated with religious beliefs ops bitch of a gf is just a cheap greedy hoe

The Christian Bible says nothing about giving gifts at all. It actually doesn't mention the word Christmas. That's just something that people made to celebrate the birth, and decided that the way people should celebrate is giving gifts to eachother a we received on the day that Christ. Bam.

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I love how 229 insults people for not knowing about their own religion when he doesn't know jack shit about christmas either. Christmas was created by the church during the roman empire and put near the winter solstice, because many pagan religions had their own solstice festivals and it was the church's way of making it easy to convert people. christmas did NOT start as a gift giving holiday. That whole thing is secular. Being an atheist is fine, being a retard is not.

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Because it's impossible for someone to be stupidly selfish if they would just read the Bible.

I never said that. I just meant that if her excuse is religion, give her some.

Statistically, atheists have a greater knowledge of the Bible than most Christians

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65- Which is precisely why they're atheists in the first place.

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They were giving out free Bibles near my station yesterday. Maybe you can give her one of those :)

70 - Made me laugh, hope you don't mind but I'm gonna steal that :)

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Where exactly in the Bible does it say Jesus was born on December 25th???? Oh, it doesnt!

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December 25 is just a day set aside to celebrate the birth of Jeaus. About 70 years ago, Christmas was celebrated on January 3.

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@146- then where does it say Jan 3 is the day he was born. The bible doesnt list a day because his birthday isnt important. Jesus nor the 1st century christians celebrated his birthday while he was alive. Christmas is a pagan holiday that people attached Christ to. The bible does say however specifically at Ecclesiastes 7:1 that the day a man dies is better than the day he was born because he has made a name for himself at death. So celebrating Xmas by saying its christs birthday is just a lie

Nobody cares about Jesus's real birthday dude. It's just an annual celebration that he was born. Nothing more.

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A majority of the Atheists I've spoken to know almost nothing substantial about the Bible. Feel free to thumb me down, buuuuut it's my experience.

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157- I totally agree with you! People dont care about his birthday hence Santa Clause being the main attraction. Christmas isnt even truly about Jesus anymore so (my personal opinion) religous aspects should be removed from it completely. Take the star down, call it a "holiday tree" tree, take "christ" out of christmas because linking it to Jesus is pagan (false worship) & really a slap in his face.

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Get her nothing. I she breaks up with you, say: "Aw! Just what I wanted!"

**** all u nonbelievers christmas is to cellebrat Jesus christ even if it's been turned into an idiotic way for compens to milk us for all were worth

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180- how can you curse while telling us to celebrate Jesus?

you know santa real color was green until the company coca cola got it they made it red y do you always see a coke on santa hand mostly on every comercial

180, Your spelling indicates a lack of intelligence. I wouldn't have expected anything other from some bible fanboy. Have you not stopped to think about why the bible was written? No one knows, but I think it's likely to have been created as a means to control an increasingly immoral society.

70 years ago was 1941. Christmas was on the same day in 1941. Some historians estimate that Jesus was born in February, but even if a birthdate was proven, no one could move a commercial holiday.

While everyone is arguing I'm just going to come out and say this but the bible is a great hitting book. CAN I GET AN AMEN!!!!

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Agnostic isn't a religion. Most atheist are agnostic. There are agnostic Christians. You are either agnostic, or gnostic, and then a religious belief. Like a Christian that says they know they are right is a gnostic Christian. A person who believes we can't prove there is a god, but believes in christianity anyway is an agnostic Christian. Same for any religion or atheism.

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If you're an athiest, then, by definition, you're not agnostic. Some may be agnostic and incorrectly identify themselves as 'atheist', but saying "most atheists are agnostic" is false. Atheism is a lack of belief in a god or deities; agnosticism is "I need to see significant proof one way or the other before I make up my mind"

Statistically, 158. One of them was on that website the pew something website, showing that atheists and agnostics knew more about religions than those who subscribed to a religion. This makes sense because many people who become atheist would likely investigate other religions for answers before concluding god(s) doesn't exist. But you're fairly young, so most "atheists" you met are probably doing it because it's "cool."

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Lol, could I see evidence of this statistic? And no, not really. I'm partial to online/real life debating (philosophical, religious, etc) so I usually get a first-hand account of those who know something. Or at least claim to. And it's usually very little.

Epsilonyx 15

Lol, could I see evidence of this statistic? And no, not really. I'm partial to online/real life debating (philosophical, religious, etc) so I usually get a first-hand account of those who know something. Or at least claim to. And it's usually very little.

You sir are a genius! Perfect idea. Give a bible to the non-religious person who insists on being a selfish bitch for Christmas. Awesome. Ignore all the idiots who don't understand the concepts of "humor" and "irony".

257, it's on the pew forum website. I don't know the page offhand, as it was last year, but if you want to see, I'm sure a google search will land you in the right spot.

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Im almost certain Jesus had to have been born in the fall. At least from my research.

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Ummm yeahh...I think she needs to GO!!

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anybody who believes that atheist know more about the bible is completely stupid. Even if statistics say it, sometimes they are just made up. maybe the atheist knows more because he was once a Christian. And why are we even discussing this on FML. Smh ppl go ahead and dislike this but it's truth.... just like Jesus and the Bible. want proof, go look it up

The traditional Atheist breakup gift is a swift boot up the backside, out of the front door.

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Maybe he should just get her a heart.

Give her a donation in her name to "The Human Fund"

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Talk about selfish. It only paves a way for u to see what your In store for

Yeaa shes a greedy bitch straight up.

Hell yes. Makes you wonder how old this girl is, tbh, seeing as though she doesn't seem to have gotten the kick up the ass she needs.

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That makes absolutely no sense!! You better not give her anything or you'll be the idiot.

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I celebrate christmas even though I'm Athiest. I celebrate to give gifts and celebrate an upcoming new year. You my friend need to dumb your selfish girlfriend.

And besides, christmas isn't about gifts. It's about celebrating and spending time with loved ones

I think she's already dumb enough, 49, if she thinks that will work.

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#50 Exactly! The only thing that's better than gifts is having the oppritunity to spend time with your family.

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#53 that's the cheesiest and wrongest thing I've ever heard. I'd gladly give away all the Christmas presents I've ever gotten to keep my family as far away as possible, forever.

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#51 I just saw what I wrote and got your joke XD. sorry it's supposed to say dump

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#76 Yea well other people apreciate having a family and people who love them.

Considering what fails here sometimes are posted with just plain horrible family members you can't actually believe she might not have a reason for wanting them away from her.

And some people have family members whoarejust plain horrible,don't understand how can't get that,considering what fails are sometimes posted here.

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Yea well she needs to adress that rather than just saying she doesn't want them around. Some people just plain don't want to have their family around for no reason.

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76, Just take what he said and replace family with people you do love to be around. "Family" could be subjective - you don't have to be related by blood to feel the same connection with other people.

I grant u your beliefs but Christmas is still about crist

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Thats retarded. You dont have to be religious to give presents.

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Agreed! What does Santa have to do with Jesus anyway?

136 - Santa actually originates from Pagan traditions. kinda weird.

And going by her logic, since she's not religious, she shouldn't be *getting* any presents either.

Shit, forgot that was in the original post... :

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Hope she said she wants a good back hand for christmas.

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And a good front hand, and a sack of frozen oranges. She's very greedy.

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Back hand is punishment. The palm of the hand is abuse. So just backhand her.