By Nickolas Neffster - 05/10/2011 00:14 - United States

Today, I bought my girlfriend a very expensive necklace. I gave it to her thinking she'd be extremely happy. Instead she was mad at me because my gift for our anniversary was better than hers. FML
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Get her something nice, she's angry. Get her something shit or nothing, she's angry. You can't win.


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Some people just aren't as grateful...

At least she didn't break it into piece by thinking it was a roach. (Earlier FML reference)

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Whoa guy code infraction... We are not allowed to remember birthdays, anniversaries and how to drive to the mother in laws house. Next time do what I do. Take her to a nice fancy restaurant, let her supersize and she can have 1 monopoly game piece... As long as it's not park place...

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21- or boardwalk, dont forget the boardwalk!

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If she doesn't want it then go return it and give her something that isn't as good.

OP, are you the same guy who left your gf 'ticketless' at the movies? If so, I can see why!

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Op should have asked for a ******* or something so her gift would have been better

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52 - I set the bar pretty high. I know the only necklaces I give my partner does not come from a jewelry store.

And if your present had been worse than hers, she STILL would have yelled at you.

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Well my comment posted twice, my bad

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I think the proper saying is Bitches be Trippin

#35 im going to infer your white completely based on your comment

Get her something nice, she's angry. Get her something shit or nothing, she's angry. You can't win.

I agree with #3, there's no winning with girls. That's why you need to get yourself woman OP cause they don't play mind games.

women are worse. they've had more time and practice to hone their skills lol

#3 speaks truth. I took a girl for a week in Bora Bora once, and she got mad because I didn't plan anything romantic during our 4-hour layover between flights on the way home. Your best policy: break up with your girlfriend just before holiday season and find a new girlfriend after valentine's day.

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81 - Getting mad over something like that is ridiculous, who the **** expects some elaborate plan at an airport layover? But that "best policy" is also shit. I sincerely hope that part was a joke.

Dump her, she's angry. But for the last time. :) !!

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Bitches never satisfied... Always Go with the my dick in a box.

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That's what shy Ronnie would do anyways.

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This is when you close your eyes, pucker up, reach your arms out for a hug and say "Love you!" Works everytime.

A new pearl one might be able to quell her anger, if not at least you'll feel better

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On the bright side, you can always tell her it's her Christmas gift as well...