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  enonymous  |  8

Whoa guy code infraction... We are not allowed to remember birthdays, anniversaries and how to drive to the mother in laws house. Next time do what I do. Take her to a nice fancy restaurant, let her supersize and she can have 1 monopoly game piece... As long as it's not park place...

  capilot  |  10

#3 speaks truth. I took a girl for a week in Bora Bora once, and she got mad because I didn't plan anything romantic during our 4-hour layover between flights on the way home.

Your best policy: break up with your girlfriend just before holiday season and find a new girlfriend after valentine's day.

  Ravenclaw2016  |  6

81 - Getting mad over something like that is ridiculous, who the fuck expects some elaborate plan at an airport layover? But that "best policy" is also shit. I sincerely hope that part was a joke.