By romedizzle - 24/11/2010 09:52 - Canada

Today, I was helping an older lady return her previously bought items to customer service. As she walked away and said "Thanks," I tried to say "You're welcome" and "No problem" at the same time. I ended up saying "Your problem". She scowled at me. FML
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haha I hate it when I mess up my words like that!

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The same thing happened to me except my jumbled words came out as, "I'm into cougars who own strap-ons" Awkward! Especially since she was carrying one in her purse. I had to explain it was a slip of the tongue which unleashed a whole new nightmare on me.


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your only spose to say one of the two, cuz it would sound weird if you said both at once. this has caused you to mixed both of them up, due to extreme weirdness

Oh No! A scowl! Your a bitch dude. Scared of ladies and whatnot…

really? you got scowled at? THAT'S IT?! fyl for being a pussy!

she shouldn't take it as a offennce, basically everyone is a problem

haha I hate it when I mess up my words like that!

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I do it all the time! It's really annoying when you're trying to make a good impression and then mess up.

yeah me too, especially when I'm trying to look smart -.-

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Wow. OP, stop complaining, pussy. Where are all the REAL FMLs?

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A scowl isn't too bad. Still, I know how you feel, OP. I work at a toy store and we sometimes get really busy. I once mixed up "Thanks for shopping" and "Have a nice day." I'll let you decide what the result was :P