By Anonymous - 02/09/2012 23:47 - United States

Today, after a visit with my mom, I started feeling sick. I meant to send her a text asking if she had gotten sick lately, but I accidentally sent a text asking if she had gotten dick lately. FML
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Gotta love autocorrect...I hope you didn't get a response to that.

...and if so, that it's not one they have in common.

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Once I was texting my friend and instead of saying one sec it changed to one sex and I sent it. I was like ohh ****

Actually it probably not auto-correct S is real close to D on the key pad

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If you use "dick" so many times that it autocorrects "sick", then you must really love dick.

It'll be pretty gross eww and hope you get better OP

I'm glad I'm not alone in wondering if she answered.

"well, honey you know your mama gets around! ;)" that'd be an fml in itself....

hopsinlove17 26

Today I accidentally sent my mother a text asking if she'd gotten any dick lately. To my horror, she replied yes, every night since you moved out. Fml

It's not the autocorrect I'd be worried about -- it's the possible response.

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"oh yes honey it was absolutely womderful! How about you dear?"

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OP could have fat fingers like me and touched it without knowing. I feel your pain. FYL

You can turn if off, why moan if you can solve the problem easily? -_-

Well the s and d are close together depending on the phone you have. You can just try and play off the typo if you want.