By Kaji - 14/11/2008 11:20 - France

Today, I sent a text message to my girlfriend telling her how much I wanted to make love to her tonight. I've just realized I sent it to her brother. FML
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I just laughed! Maybe he'll call you back the next morning too!

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The question is, did he send you back a text saying 'ditto'?


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y the fuck do u have her bros ##??!!

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i did that once god only knows what would've happened if i had sent it to her older gay brother its funny when it doesnt happen to u FYL

Hahahahaah all these comments are hilarious.

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thx for posting that i love FML

that's what you get for saying the words "make love" in serious context

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Lol at # 3 If her brothers older he could beat you up if hes younger he could be confused lol. Either way its sucks to be you!

I just laughed! Maybe he'll call you back the next morning too!

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this realy sounds fake to me. how does someone manage to send the text message and a message this improtant to someone w/o looking at the name first.

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Accidentally pressing the wrong spot