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Today, my friend asked me how I did on my test. I got an 85%. She asked me what my secret was, and I said "I'm just smart". She replied, "No you're not. How did you pull it off?" FML
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An 85? That's not that great. Most people I know get above 95.

If she's impressed by an 85, clearly she's the dumb one.


An 85? That's not that great. Most people I know get above 95.

This. If 85% is high to you, your friend is right.

seriously, what test did OP take that makes an 85% score count as smart?

Well. In my history AS you only need 80% to get the top grade... so... that's pretty smart?

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You guys are idiots. An 85% could be amazing, depending on what kind of test it is. You two have obviously never taken an ochem class.

In my AP Bio the average grade for the last test was a 50... We're estupido!

Of course, if you were smart, you could get over an 80 on that sort of test.

People, not every school in existence has easy-ass courses.

Bobissmall - AS/Alevels are a little subjective, I think the grades are based on UMS marks, which aren't the same as raw marks, so some years you need a raw mark of say 85% to get an 80% USM whereas other years you only need 75% to get the same USM marks. However I agree, 85% is pretty smart either way.

Wow schools need to try harder. Our people are a bunch of morons.

1 and 2 are obviously retarded. It's okay guys.

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85% is an A...that's a good mark.

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I hate the comment bug. Cinn, raw marks in an exam are converted to UMS marks according to the difficulty of the exams taken. Also, don't a-levels just go by UMS marks? It's the way we did it. Like with the Biology course consisted of 6 exams worth 100, 2 exams worth 100, coursework worth 200, and a final project worth 200?

Either way its a B

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60, no actually 80% and higher is an A. At-least in England. :) You might want to check where the person is from before you say it's a B.

I liek mudkipz

60: op is from Canada...85 is an A here :]

actually in Canada 86% is an A...she has a B

They grade easy in Canada then!

@70: In Canada (Ontario at least) we use Levels which equal letter grades. Level 4+/A+ = 90%+ Level 4/A = 85-89% Level 4-/A- = 80-84% Level 3+/B+ = 77-79% Level 3/B = 73-76% Level 3-/B- = 70-72% Level 2+/C+ = 67-69% Level 2/C = 63-66% Level 2-/C- = 60-62% Level 1+/D+ = 57-59% Level 1/D = 53-56% Level 1-/D- = 50-52% R (Remediation)/F = 0-49% So although you have more leeway before a mark becomes a failing grade in Canada, it can be annoying because when you have an assignment that's marked subjectively (i,e, with a rubric), it's near impossible to get what would be an A+ in America, because that would be a Level 4++/4+++ up here. And it's a lot more intuitive for a teacher to give an "A+" than a level 4+++, even though they'll end up giving the same mark. So in some classes even if you do everything perfect you probably won't end up with an 100 in the course.(report cards give grades in percentages starting from Grade 7)

I'd take an 85 any day

How do other countries' grading systems work? In the USA it goes (assuming only whole-number grades): 0-59: F — Failing 60-62: D- — Terrible 63-66: D — Terrible 67-69: D+ — Terrible 70-72: C- — Bad 73-76: C — Not Good 77-79: C+ — Mediocre 80-82: B- — Not Bad 83-86: B — Good 87-89: B+ — Quite Good 90-92: A- — Very Good 93-96: A — Excellent 97-100: A+ — Amazing 101+: A+ — Only occurs with extra credit.

One more addition— 101+: A+ — Asian

There's also the possibility that the OP is in college, nowhere does it say otherwise. In one of my college classes, for one of the tests anything above a 60% was considered an A. I have to agree with 13 that not every school has easy fucking classes.

jeez, at my school an 85 is a C-

I think the lowest grade I have is a 86 in math. And thats a B. So you fail op

I think the lowest grade I have is a 86 in math. And thats a B. So you fail op

that is pretty terrible 81... for me that's a B

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who allows these fmls to get published?!

Guys, Canada and USA are -big- countries. The grading systems are not the same throughout the whole country. #79/I_Deserved_It, I also doubt the grading systems are even the same throughout the whole province.

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In my high school, 63 or lower was an F (I think) and an A was a 93 or higher...I never memorized what the other cut-offs were, although I think C- was 72. I never really cared what anything else was because nothing less than a 90 was acceptable, and preferably nothing less than 95. In college, a 90 is an A. That seems to be pretty standard, but professors can set their own grade levels. My sociology class is 85, which is weird, considering how easy the tests are. It does depend on the class, though. If I got a 75 in o chem, I was ecstatic. In my one bio class, the average test scores were around 70 (the professors were horrible, though). My chem class in high school, the teacher was absolutely crazy and the highest grade was usually around a 50, but he shifted the grades up.

op's obviously not Asian...

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woooooooooowwww there's soooo many cool people here!!!! someones lowest grade right now is an 86?!?!? others are disappointed when they get anything below 90%?!? you guys are so smart! just kidding. get off your high horse you douche bags, nobody cares if you think you're smart. i dunno if this qualifies as an FML though, but whatever. Good job OP, nothin wrong with an 85.

Pfftt 85? i could get that in my sleep. /:

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Wow. A lot of the grading scales mentioned sound super easy. At my school an A:97-100 B:96-93 C:92-88 D:87-84 F:83 and below. But then again, it's a different kind of school, no stupid people could even dream of getting in.

At RPI there are no specified number/letter grade conversions, because each class is different. What is considered an A in one class may not be considered so in another. Some classes may be graded more centered around homeworks and projects, which generally means that it's about 90% for an A, etc. The class from the example in my previous post (above), the teacher gave tests that took not only what he covered in class but also extrapolations of the material beyond what he covered. He didn't expect most of the people to be able to answer some of the questions, but included them mainly just to see if we would be able to figure it out. The ridiculous curve (60%+ = A) was a reflection of the expected difficulty. Personally I think it's more of a disservice to cater to the dumber students and make the classes easier (hence the necessity for near perfect scores to be considered good), than to challenge students beyond their capabilities in order to help them grow. From first-hand experience I've seen people who were valedictorians of their high school completely bomb courses or even fail out when actually presented with challenging and difficult coursework. In the end it's all about what you get out of a course, not whether you got 100 on everything.

None of you guys seemed to notice it doesn't say what level test they were taking. E.G. They might have gotten 85% on a spelling test, which is ok I guess. They also could have gotten 85% for the HUGE theory essay at the end of their degree.. And this FML is quite pathetic. Someone cares too much what their friends think.

up yourself much?

'Gore, I think we all hate the comment bug. And yes, but the difficulty it decided based on how the students did on that particular exam, and so the scale from raw to UMS marks changes each year. And it depends on whether people go on UMS or grade, usually they want to see both, as the grade quickly tells you what area they got, and the UMS tells you exactly where they were within that area. I remember being told to quote both.

I'm Asian and it's true most of the time LOL. Just got 100 on the exam economic yesterday while the class average was 60.

Gir, I hate Bio. Our teacher never goes over shit, but then again i dont want her too cuz she has a SUPER ANNOYING voice.

i dont know where you are from but an 85 is usually a B.

I don't think OP thought they were some sort of genius for getting a half decent mark; she was just saying that she bothered to learn the material.

#79, In Alberta, A- 90-100 B-80-89 C-70-79 D-60-69 F-59 under

It really depends, most tests an 85 is a good score but nothing amazing. There was once a test I took written by one our toughest teachers and the best score was 15/24. The average was 8. So in this case an 85% would have been amazing.

AP Classes, dude. AP classes.

It could've been a hard test.

Wow don't worry im smart too and act dumb. But how could you get a 85 on any test? Schools are so easy and boring

I bet you are. pwned!!!

The ones in America are.

I resent that war pig. I suppose wherever the hell you live you are all fucking A students with no problems in your education system.

You know all my friends get As. And most my friends are morons. I live in Colorado if you ask.

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Colorado schooling is just easy. My cousin goes to school there and when I compare my school to hers, mines much harder.

amazinggbaby 2

Not every school is the same. Some schools are much more rigorous than others, even if they are in the same country.

I know it is but I also go to a charter school. We are 2 to 3 grades ahead of public schools. Besides most schools dont have to deal with all the people that dont speak english and all the gangs. It really brings down the hole education system

war pig is so true.. unfortunately. i was born amd raised in MI but im currently in my 6th year of intl. schools in china. british system, singapore system. imo american system is the easiest, ap is an exception

Yea i was looking at some charts. Our state has a 20 avarage on the ACT. In 8th grade i took a test that estimates my act score and i got a 22-26. Also in my city only 2 schools have less that 60 percent mexican. White people are acually a minortiy where i live. Its funny though how as the hispanic count goes up the test scores go down.

Warpig, stop talking before you make yourself look even more ignorant. First of all, Mexican and Hispanic are very different. Secondly, not every Hispanic is a ghetto gangster. There are some that care about becoming educated.

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no you just made your self look ignorant. a Hispanic is not a "ghetto gangster" as you put it. a hispanic is a person of caribbean/south American descent. learning: the more you know. (don't correct my lowercase letters iPhone doesn't uppercase the words on fml)

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nevermind /sleep deprived reading fail

This all depends on what grade the OPs in. but yeah. 85 doesn't really mean you're that smart

@warpig: my english may not be as good as yours, but i'm also fluent in Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and French. how about you huh?

f*** that they are they're way too easy. if you think an 85 is good your f*** ing retarded

85% is good on a test except one you know you could've done better on. Some tests are easy to some people, others aren't. It just depends, however, I think that 85% is a good mark on any test.

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That is true, B303123, but from primary through to uni 85% would have gotten me an A or 1st in a test/exam. I do not know if the difference is because of the difficulty of the exams or lienience of marks or what, but to me, 85% is a good mark.

A good grade would be OVER 9,000!!!!

LMFAO. I love that video reference.

Love it!!! Even if I HAVE seen that sort of comment OVER 9000 times! :-P

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hahaha that made my day!

Big whoop, I do this to my friends all the time.

If she's impressed by an 85, clearly she's the dumb one.

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That's exactly what I was thinking. But maybe they both took the same test, and OP scored really high compared to the rest of the class

thays what I was thinking

85 is good but I don't find it that good for me 90% and above makes me happy 85-80 are just meh

98+ makes me happy, 93-97 is just meh, 90-92 is not good, 84-89 is pretty bad, 80-83 is awful, anything lower is unacceptable.

same 100 or above is the only score that makes me happy. otherwise id b sad

says the guy holding a bunch of beer and tries to look good by taking off his shirt, he probably has the nerds do his work lol jk

Same. Anything 90 or above and I'm fine.

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if u were smart, you wouldnt get an 85????

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If you're smart, you would've gotten 100%. Duh. Nahhh, I'm kidding. (: 85% is good too, my teacher even thinks so. But really, that sucks. Tell your friend you got 85% because you marked 85% of the questions correctly. That'll shut her up. I tell that to my friends to bother them.

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Lolz that's great