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By Proof-Reader - 15/12/2009 08:32 - United States

Today, I texted a somewhat overweight girl I wanted to hook up with and asked her "Have you been dating anyone lately?" Unfortunately with predictive text, "dating" came out as "eating". I didn't realize it till after it sent. FML
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LOL oh dear..."have you been eating anyone lately?"

You should just send a text correcting your mistake. "Sorry, I meant dating, stupid phone" and oh look you cured the problem.


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I've always wanted to do this... SECOND! Oops... Dang it!

Believe it or not, some fat girls do have nice personalities, some are royal bitches but some are good people. Also some lads prefer personality over looks, not all but there are some.

How the hell are you supposed to bone a girl in her personality?

Thank you #15. I don't want to have to look at lard rolls jiggling when I have sex. I personally find that a turn-off. But maybe some people like the extra spaces it provides when vaginal sex starts getting old, I don't know.

potatopeeler 0

@42: Agreed. There are tons of overweight girls I find beautiful/hot. I have a preference for thin girls, but overweight does not automatically mean unattractive. Overweight girls are much more fun to snuggle with, anyway. :)

My apologies 42, you are completely right. I knew there was something wrong with how I worded my response. I know many overweight girls who are completely stunning, I was just trying to make a short reply, it completely slipped my mind to include it.

cowgod 0

"more cushion for the pushin" Sometimes u wanna **** a girl that doesn't give u bruises.

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When snuggling with a heavier girl after you can use them like a bean bag chair while watching TV or something.

#46 Notice that the only people who defend your point are fat though...

#42, while you are right for many guys, I have to disagree. Some guys actually DO find personality much more meaningful than looks. The looks do mean something, though, in the end. If they're extremely obese, that obviously shows that they can't take care of their own bodies, which wouldn't be a good thing to consider if you want them to be responsible in a relationship. Just my thoughts.

wickeddrummajor 0

im not exactly thin, but i have a boyfriend who loves me mostly for my personality, he said he could care less what i look like

callxmexlovex13 0

You're so right. I'm tall, athletic and truly pretty, but I'm not thin by any means. I'm not even big, by standards of those who AREN'T dickweeds, and my boyfriend is happy with how I look. Big can equal beautiful. Just for the record. I want one of these guys to go through a Lane Bryant catalogue and honestly tell me one of the models isn't gorgeous.

jade567 0

121- YES! someone who also uses the word 'dickweed' :D you made my day complete I hope you know.

HAHAHAHA. That suck's, but its quite funny.

peroxideprincess 0

LOL oh dear..."have you been eating anyone lately?"

pshnoway 0

That really sucks, at least you can honestly tell her you didn't mean it.

Right, but dating and eating have the same numeric code (I think, I don't use that anymore), and then at the end, you can choose if that's the word you want or not (like "of" and "me" or "kiss" and "lips" or "fat" and "eat") I can see how this happened. However, I don't see how this was really an insult, even if the chick was larger...

pshnoway 0

She may have thought that he was taking a stab at her weight, which most fat chicks take offense to, so it may have ruined any chance he had with her. It probably shouldn't be an FML though because he probably doesn't care about her if all he wants to do is hook up.

He may have mispelled the word and then it autochecked. I remember i sent a text involving scrotum instead of sceptum. On an iphone. Get over it and eat a sammich or go get a peruvian lapdance laddies!

Because accusing an overweight person of eating people is a fairly common insult?