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Today, my boyfriend fed a "random mushroom from the woods" to my rabbit. It then had a violent seizure and died. He claims it must have been from "natural causes". FML
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Hey OP here! Yes, it was a very stupid move he made, but it WAS an accident! He got the mushroom confused with another which he thought was safe! Although I am very sad, I now have a strict "No feeding the rabbits!" rule! So my other 5 buns should be safe. He was also the rabbit my mother got me before she moved out of state for good so it's even sadder. And no I did not dump him, we've been together for 3 years and although I was pissed for a day or two, I forgave him because I know he wouldn't hurt my rabbits on purpose, he knows they are all like my little children! All of your comments cracked me up though so I'm glad I could get a laugh out of a sad situation. Thanks guys, you rock!

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Yeah, your boyfriend's natural stupidity. Sorry for your loss though OP.

Your boyfriend is both irresponsible and stupid.


Yeah, your boyfriend's natural stupidity. Sorry for your loss though OP.

drunkmunkey 24

feed him the mushrooms and see what the natural reaction is

Am I the only one who thought by "random mushroom from the woods" meant shrooms?

Haha! absolutely not #53 ;)

Yes 53, you are 53. Congratulations for knowing your comment number.

hahaha oops damn I should have payed atention! I look like an idiot!

Well mushrooms are natural and they caused the death of your rabbit so he's technically right.

leogachi 15

@2 It required human interference, which isn't considered natural.

#39 aren't humans a part of nature....?

40 Humans can affect nature, but I'm honestly not sure if we are a part of it anymore. Louis CK has a joke about humans being out of the food chain because of things like fast food and grocery stores. Then again I might just be thinking about it to hard.

Your boyfriend is both irresponsible and stupid.

feed him the same mushroom, see if its natural then

Redoxx_fml 22

Slap him and tell him it was a natural reaction

tell me you dumped him?


I'd dump my bf if he killed one of my pets. I mean it not like he forgot to feed your fish tank (though I'd be furious since mines saltwater) he fed it something that is KNOWN to be dangerous to eat unless you get it from a grocery store or have a full understanding of how to pick good/poisonous mushrooms. So 1. I wouldnt want to be with someone that is that stupid and 2. Someone that is irresponsible enough to kill not only an animal but MY animal. of course this stance could just be because I'm an avid animal lover and owner and I don't own a single pet under $250.

404wan 19

I got my cat for free. If anyone hurt him, i would skin them. You cant put a pricetag on an animal you love.

Yeah, he killed op's rabbit, which is enough to me to warrant breakup, but he also won't even step up and take rightful blame. I'd never want to see or talk to him again.

I'd dump him because I'd fear for my life every time he cooks me a meal.

Imagine if they had kids? He 'gave the baby some random drink he found under the kitchen sink'.

Yeah she should dump him because of an accident, very clever and mature.

What accident? He killed the rabbit.

He killed a rabbit because he was uncaring and ignorant enough to break every basic rule of safety with pets, and mess around with a bunny loved by his girlfriend. I don't care if it's an accident, if you kill someone I love I'm gonna have a hard time having valentine's day with you.

But.. It was natural causes? I'm sorry for your loss though OP.

No. The rabbit trusted the boyfriend to take care of it; it didn't go out and find this mushroom on its own.

Natural causes would be something like it was old and it's heart gave out. This wasn't the case here, it died of poisoning. That's like saying you fed someone the same mushroom, they died, and then claiming it was natural. You would be held responsible for the death because they did not naturally die.

Lol thanks for the down votes??

404wan 19

You expected upvotes? That rabbit was poisoned.

What a horrible person. I hope you dumped him

Wow you should never just pick up a wild plant without knowing what it is. Your boyfriend is stupid.

DappeRB 12

maybe you should feed him some mushrooms from the woods, see if it was natural causes