By difference between birds and mammals. - Australia
Today, my boyfriend and I were watching TV and there were penguins laying eggs. He said, "Penguins are mammals, they don't lay eggs." I replied, "Penguins are birds." We fought about it for ages until he realised that I was right, and has since stopped talking to me. FML
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  P1P_BOY  |  6

I wonder what would happen if you gave him a placebo pill and told him it will make him always right for the next 24 hours.... Question is, how many things would he get incorrect?


How dare he insult me by calling me a "mammal". I don't want to be one of those hairy things. I will stick with my flightless wings and swim over just to slap your boyfriend.

By  BeccaHugs  |  17

Immature boyfriends are never worth it. If something so petty upsets him so much, maybe you should reconsider this relationship. Also, penguins are fucking awesome.

  Allysmo  |  6

You know sex doesn't fix everything right? I mean if all you do when something is going wrong is fuck them that doesn't say very much about you now does it?