By Anonymous - 25/05/2015 16:10 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I woke up in my living room after having a party. I then realized my fish tank with many different species was missing from its usual spot. After searching for a few minutes, I finally found it in the freezer. FML
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Jord_Fox 14

Your fish are cool

Aw so sorry, RIP fish :(


That really sucks. FYL

Thank you for your generous contribution to the FML community.

I guess that's why it's on FML

I just want to know why she looked in the freezer for her fish

Jflowers9296 14

Maybe OP got thirsty and was going to get ice? Doesn't say she went to look for them there

RecklessLove 18

Probably ran out of places to look.

mmmmm mystery flavored fishsicles

Did this party happen to involve any alcohol? Just curious.

that was my first thought after reading the FML.

Most parties do, especially when you find a fishtank in the freezer. It happens to me every time.

I thought i was the only one

danceinconverse 25

Wow, you must have some pretty crazy parties if you find a fish tank filled with many different species of fish in your freezer every time.

The fact that OP woke up in his living room is another give away too. Probably an indicator that he passed out.

Who said it's a he?

it could also been other drugs than alcohol. Not that it really matters IMO...

Of course not, OP put his fish tank in the freezer so they could chill out. You know, as you do.

I didn't know a fish tank big enough to hold several species could fit in a freezer. Thanks for the physics lesson, OP!

she never mentioned the size of the freezer.

Maybe it was one of those deep freezers. Poor fish!

fpants2010 18

It could have been one of the huge freezers people have in their basement that open from the top.

#39, thats a deep freezer

#46, they are chest freezers.

how is that physics anyway?

It was probably a deep freeze, one that opens horizontally not vertically

Who said the OP is a she?

Must have been one hell of a night then

What a fishy situation

no god no! i knew there would be this god awful pun in the comments! so predictable! n BTW the pun doesn't even fit right in this situation!

Starfire950 5

related to chugaconroy?

#47 ... magic school bus? heuheuh

They just didn't want the fishies to die, I guess.

And so they killed them? Seems logic.

Maybe they froze them in the hope that when fish-based life prolonging medication is invented they could reanimate them!

Yes, exactly my point! Freeze them until such technology and medicine exists.

Jord_Fox 14

Your fish are cool

meliodafool_ 15

just chilling

You are cold hearted....

I guess they've gone to sleep with the fishes.

What if they are arctic species and they all good still? o.O

ColonelCusswords 24

Someone appearently needed ice

I feel worse for the fish.