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Why wouldn't you start off with a call to said girlfriend and say " hey babe, what's up with the public insults?" instead of ripping into her?!?! She's likely going to be pissed at you... if not possibly break up with you!!!!

You deserved it. For 2 reasons: First, in case of conflict, you should speak directly to the personn, not to every passing by FB friend around. Then, no matter what happen, you can NOT insult someone for being obese when unnerved. The poor girl might be complexed now, knowing that even a guy who is involved with her might stab her for that. Congrats. You are clever.


Bazinga! Good luck repairing your relationship.

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Down voted for down voting a cool comment. Hater.

I up voted so the votes could read +69

Oh shit, I guess you're single now.

Why wouldn't you start off with a call to said girlfriend and say " hey babe, what's up with the public insults?" instead of ripping into her?!?! She's likely going to be pissed at you... if not possibly break up with you!!!!

Yeah, seriously, what kind of relationship is this that he so quickly assumes it's really her? And the fact he went so quickly to insulting her for her obesity . . . sounds like a really toxic relationship to me.

to be fair he thought she was doing the same thing to him, he had every right to be pissed. it's the brother that "pranked" him that's in the wrong.

Or maybe now self conscious about her weight and starts feeling upset about that too

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In an argument, people always try and insult a person based on their weight or looks. I see it so often on the internet, usually when one person is losing an argument they bring looks into it.

Yes, they do. And it is wrong to do so. What is said during a fight is sometimes regretted even years later.

If you can heckle people about how unhealthy it is to smoke cigarettes, then I think you should be able to heckle/insult people for being obese. It's equally unhealthy as cigs.

#28. Except obesity isn't always an indicator of one's health. Cigarettes on the other hand, cause everyone in the vicinity harm with the crap in them. Someone's obesity is only offending another person's sensibilities, and is NOT harming another person's health. That all said, if you smoke; it's your business not mine and long as I'm not forced to inhale your secondhand smoke, you go on right ahead.

I know if my boyfriend ever made a jab at my weight, I would be absolutely crushed. I'm not exactly sensitive about it, but he is the one person I would expect to only say something out of concern for my well being, and never as a hurtful jab. YDI for sure, OP.

Also, making fun of someone's looks is hitting below the belt. Unless it's an intervention or something, keep the comments about appearance in your head.

How is obesity not an indicator of ones health? I'm not talking large. I'm talking 400 plus that don't do anything. Because you do have very active big people. However, in my first case that usually means one has health problems. It doesn't affect others. Except shows laziness. However, it is an Indicator of ones health

I agree. To many people here have to find excuses for shit. Try quit being lazy. If people don't wanna see others smoke I don't wanna see 400 pound people that LOOK 400 pounds. U got nfl lineman that are 300-400 pounds but look like they weigh 200. That's called a work ethic. And not letting fat take over

Sometimes obesity is out of one's control, like if it's hereditary, and can't be helped. Smoking, on the other hand, is a conscious choice that can be stopped.

It's often an eating disorder. (Binge eating disorder :BED). Would you feel the same about anorexia?

#65 I wouldn't really call 1-2% for BED often.

#63. heredetary obesity is no excuse -a recovering heredetary obese person

I do not believe those numbers. I'm not an expert, but I just don't believe it. The chemical response in the brain of an obese person is identical to the response in a drug addict to cocaine. I was obese and had weight loss surgery 2 years ago (for reasons other than simply losing weight, though that was the bonus). I have done a lot of reading and some research. I have joined several support groups too, to help me stay healthy and on track. I know and have met many overweight/obese people and it an addiction to food and/or BED (in every person I know anyway). In fact that's the case over hereditary reasons in my experience. Again, I am not an expert, but I have quite a bit of personal experience and information through many, many others. This is why I stand by my comment that it isn't so easily fixed. It isn't about "well, just stop being lazy" or "stop eating so much". It's almost always an actual addiction to food (many unhealthy foods actually are made to create addictions) or some form of eating disorder. Either way, it's not okay to judge people on looks!

her fault for being obese

Well obesity is partially her fault, before you get all butt hurt I understand that certain conditions exist but all you have to do is eat right and exercise. If she was shooting hurtful insults at me I'm going to retaliate

Oh dear OP, hopefully you can repair the damage to your relationship. Although if you can be that hurtful to someone your supposed to care about maybe it's not meant to be.

I didn't know that there was a town called "0" in Malta.

If you had a problem with your girlfriend's obesity in the first place, then you should have never began dating her if you knew you would never be fully satisfied with a bigger woman. Why go out and become a bully, forever having her wonder if you think she is fat or not for the rest of this relationship?

I am guessing OP saw similar comments about them on the facebook post and responded in kind. They may not have had a problem with the obesity but in the heat of anger used it to get back at the gf. I feel bad for both OP and the gf to be honest, I don't agree with the reaction, I can understand it to an extent but largely I agree with what others said - it would have been much better if OP had not have jumped straight into retaliation on facebook there.

If he had to use the word obese, she already knows. But I agree it's kind of fucked up

Definitely YDI. As others have said, why date a bigger person if you know you're not going to be happy with it? What a waste of her time. But I guess it's good you did all that, because now she can truly see how you feel and stop wasting her time on you and can find someone better.

But now she will always have those doubts in her mind about whether or not everyone thinks that and that really sucks to always have doubts about people and what they really think about you.

You should've tried being the "bigger" person, op.

Haha why does this have thumbs down