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Today, I had a few friends over. Wanting to seem cool, I yelled at my girlfriend to get me a beer. She chucked four bottles at my head. All my friends cheered her on. FML
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I'm pretty sure almost everyone here is going to cheer her on aswell. Way to be a dick.


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You, Sir, are the epitome of cool.

He should've learned from the movie Percy Jackson that dicks can get their asses whipped by a satyr on crutches.

You need to straighten your beer bitch out.

I bet you won't be doing that again in a hurry. You completely deserved it, you sexist pig.

"Wanting to seem cool..." *clicks YDI*

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I love how that is totally the inverse of looking cool, if one of my friend yelled a his girl for that I would tell him to get his damn beer himself -.-

SuperDerp 8

Well atleast he showed some super cool flying beer dodging moves right?

kevsnev 7

FHL for having to put up with your bullshit -.-

I don't think he's sexist. He's just a dick. It's debatable whether he told her to get the beer because he thinks women are less than men and should or because he's just a dick. I think it's more likely he's just a dick, not sexist.

That's not cool it's just being a ****** dick. You don't yell at your girlfriend to do things for you. It's called respect, treat your girlfriend the right way and she won't leave your sorry ass.

Slender_Man 6

48: you watch Percy Jackson too? Have you read all the books?

you are complete asshole if you say that to your girlfriend just to seem cool

I voted YDI as soon as I read "wanting to seem cool."

The cool thing to do would've been to get it yourself.

I'm a little frustrated I can't click YDI more than once.

Next time, don't preface your request with "HEY BITCH!...."

No, no, no! You're the host for a reason! Sit on your ass until one of your friends say they want a beer, then have them grab you a couple while they're up!

OP Note to Self: Don't. Try. To. Be. Cool. :D

#32 Epitome? Why would you insult him be calling him averagely cool?

BunchieRules 31

For 210, and everyone wanting to vote YDI twice: vote on your account, then sign out and vote again. You're welcome.

235: "Epitome" means "a typical or ideal example; embodiment." If you'd taken just a few seconds to look that up, you could have avoided making yourself look like an idiot.

#246 - terribly sorry. In my dictionary it says epitome is 'something standard' and I took that to be 'standard' being similar to 'average'. I probably should have looked further into it.

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I think women has more points than that when it comes to this.

Sounded like he was just joking around about it to me, and she took him seriously. I don't know how that would make you "look cool", maybe "trying to be funny"? I dunno, the guy sounds like an idiot, but while comical in theory the reality of her throwing 4 full glass bottles of beer at him is completely out of line. **** that bitch, she deserves to be treated that way if that's how she's going to respond. In summary, the guy's an idiot, but the punishment doesn't fit the crime here. You deserve to be mocked and ridiculed for being a tool, nothing more.

It's funny how when a guy tells a girl what to do its sexist and the guy is called an asshole and a dick, but it's fine for a girls to tell a guy what to do??? I wouldn't put up with that.

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Why would that make you cool? Yelling at your girlfriend is now considered cool?

If youd a been there, if youd a heard it, I betcha you would have done the same!;)

PeytonBieda 8

If you'd a been there, if you'd a seen it, I betcha you would've done the same!

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Sorry 155 and 172, I guess people just don't like Chicago. I'm going to have that song in my head for the rest of the day

I'm pretty sure almost everyone here is going to cheer her on aswell. Way to be a dick.

Being a sexist asshole to your girlfriend isn't going to make you cool, OP.

Just how is he being a sexist asshole? Just because it was his girlfriend? You probably wouldn't be saying that if it was the other way around.

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zachattack112492 4

#65 - If it was the other way around, it'd be the same. The FML community just don't like idiots in general

65: it usually doesn't happen the other way around... and if it does, we tend to say "please" and "thank you" afterwards.

what 119 said as well. when it does happen, it too becomes fml worthy.

His point is that there would be some crazy people that would say the guy should get it for her and be a gentleman. Just like there's some crazy people now who chose "I agree, your life sucks." I think most people would agree that if the genders were switched here, and OP was a woman, we'd be calling her a bitch instead of calling OP a dick. I generally make the same point as 65, but I think you're wrong on this one, 65.

Ok Hypothetical FML I yelled at my man for some cash to go shopping in front of my friends. He straight up said no and slapped me down for it. FML I tried to make them roughly equivalent. What do you think the FML responses would be? The vast majority and top rated votes "bitch you got what you deserved. Hope he slaps you one for me" or more "please OP, get out of that abusive relationships!". Do you think there is a sizable difference between the two? I am genuinely curious.

The girlfriend shouldn't have responded with violence, because that is technically abuse. Even if her boyfriend was belittling her and stuff, she could've just put her foot down or walked out. Four beer bottles - empty or not - can do a lot of damage, and it's not behaviour to be encouraged in either gender.

GraceMarieC 13

Except throwing a can of beer at someone is the same as slapping them down. You can dodge or catch a can. Not so much a slap. Not much the same. I throw things at my friends, it isn't abuse. If I hit on of them, then yes. That's be abuse.

I can see what you're saying about throwing things at friends, but aren't those usually objects that won't hurt too much if they don't catch/dodge? And they usually know it's coming and not at their head? But the FML reads like there was a definite intention to physically hurt the OP for a derogatory comment, which is a certainly a bit extreme, even if it's not classed as abuse. Also, if the situation was reversed I think it would be counted as unacceptable, therefore it's unacceptable here.

#176 Those are not equivalent at all. If it said he threw the money at her, I'd say she deserved it. Also, he specifically said he did it to be cool - showing off by ordering his girlfriend around. The OP readily admitted thinking that makes him cool. Sexism IS by definition not equivalent when you simply reverse the situation. There are no stereotypes that men should wait on women. Men weren't in a position where they were expected to do so for hundreds of years.

211, Are you saying if a guy throws bottles of beer at his girlfriends head it isn't abuse? You don't have any idea what you're talking about do you? 119, The FML community is full of idiots, so I doubt they'd even be able to identify one anyway. Anyone who thinks FML comments aren't generally bullshit is more likely than not a part of the problem...

You're an asshole. Treating your girlfriend like crap does not make you cool.

Even if OP's girlfriend did what he wanted, he'd still look like an asshole

If you think spousal abuse is cool, you should try racism.

132: why would you even comment... wtf.

Inheritance 10

You're not a real man if you treat your gf like shit, nuff said.

Was meant to be funny, clearly neither of those are even slightly cool.

Bob_Cat_fml 14

There's no way you didn't deserve it. *cheers on OP's girlfriend*

Whoop whoop for op gf. I'm a guy and if I told my gf that she'd tell me to **** off in front of everyone and you know what, I'd totally deserve it. Yours was just more creative.

You deserve it for being a sexist ass. She should've thrown beer cans at your head too..maybe it would've knocked some sense into you.

Why would that make you seem cool? Oh I forgot, children don't know what they're doing.

IworkAt711 14

When I was a youngling I was taught please and thank you.

same here, and im glad my parents raised me to respect women, helps keep them around longer

What were you expecting, for her to actually bring a beer? Maybe even a sandwich too?

Exactly! FHL for being stuck with you, OP. btw if you asked rather than yelled at her for one she might've been nicer and thrown only two. Ass.

You are an idiot for thinking that would be cool, I hope those bottles knocked some sense into you. You are not a sir.

You're confusing being 'cool' with that other 4 lettered c word.

Cone? Clap? Clue? Cold? TELL ME, GODDAMMIT.

peachesncreem 21

The other 4 lettered C word is obviously cake. Everyone loves cake :)

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Wow some people don't understand sarcasm...

hollyanne27 9

Ends with a "T"? That's the only one I can think of.

flockz 19

come on guys the word is obviously 'count'.

145 Which is something you clearly don't know how to do. I'm pretty sure count doesn't have 4 letters.

xd3box 4

flockz, you just went full retard man. Never go full retard.

flockz 19

oh sweet Jesus balls, you guys really fell for that shit.

Flockz's comment was a joke, guys. Either that, or he fits into the 3rd category if people who can spell and people who can't.

PhishloverA 14

#161: coming from the moron who can't even detect a joke on the internet. All you people yelling at Flockz are idiots who need to learn how to tell when people are joking. I assume you idiots can't detect sarcasm either..

PhishloverA 14

Haha I know right Flockz? It's amazing how dumb people are these days, hahahahahaha! LOL and SMH at these morons XD