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lul, so OP just stood there while a drunk guy walked toward them and pulled down his pants? why didn't you just walk away? xD


You should've turned around and started to pee on him. It would be a game of Who Can Pee for the Longest Time On Someone.


So op your didn't see that coming? I mean come on the dude is pulling down his pants in front of you.


3 million burgers sold daily. nuff said. except for the fact that alot of people who say that are really just Trying to seem health smart, size 70 wasteline pls? TROLOlOLoLOL

The bright side is that his unit wasn't in the other condition and he tried to inject a different fluid into you higher up. Yay! :)

Well, the same situation woulda been about six times worse if OP was a girl, and in the lady's room.

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