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Today, I was disciplining one of my students for behavior, and he started to roll his eyes every time I was trying to teach the lesson. So I threatened to write him up. After looking closely at the student, I realized he has a lazy roaming eye. FML
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there's a reason for sunglasses other than for looking like a douche

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FYL ? F the kid life ! Atleast you don't have a roaming eye. ha

you're an ass. how could you not have recognized this before?

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You're an asshole, OP. I've always wanted to curse at a teacher:). You're going to go to hell. No doubt about it, OP.

Well he should have just said something, it's not your fault he has a wonky eye.

meahahahaha I bet you felt like pooh afterwards

I know if that happened to me I would definitely feel like a yellow mentally challenged teddy bear...

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Ninja kick him in the forehead. Fixes his problem AND teaches him a lesson about rolling his eyes. (and yes I know he wasn't ACTUALLY rolling his eyes at her.)

I should ninja kick you in the throat. That'll teach you not to make fun of people.

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Falcon Punch All of you to hell!!!!

i got a lazy eye you should hope i dont find you and end you

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as in being a disciple to him?

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Just what I came in to say. I'd be rolling my eyes at my teacher if he/she couldn't use "discipline" correctly. And I did! When one used "affect" instead of "effect" and insisted I was wrong(along with a bunch of idiots, that was my non-advanced class and it was obvious). But now I'm rambling off-topic OP- I hope his parents make you regret that. It's an obvious difference, especially when just one eye rolled.

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Glad you guys noticed "discipling" as well. OP, you completely fail at trying to play the Jesus card. Would Jesus try and turn someone with a lazy eye into one of his disciples? Hell no! He would punch that person in the face, turning the lazy eye into a properly functioning eye. Then he would recruit him. You're so ignorant, OP.

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I believe it's funny because OP is an ass who doesn't know their students.

lets pretend its early in the school year.

Wow, that was not cool, you probably made that kid feel like crap!

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It happens, not too many people have lazy or roaming eyes, so it is something we are not used to, so don't beat yourself up or anything.

I agree. nothing you can do about it.. bit this day in age if you really hurt the kids feelings, they could go home crying and the parents would sue you & try to take your teaching license away.

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#60, The teacher was punishing the student for acting out, and while doing so they mistook the students lazy eye as disrespect towards them, which can also cause the student to be in trouble.

"I've been waiting. I've been waiting for this moment all my life. Something something else." Okay, I don't listen to "Lazy Eye" often, bite me. You understand where I was going with this.

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