Today, I went to a concert. They had this feature where you could send a picture of something from your cell phone and they'd put it on the big screens, so I sent a picture of myself in. When the picture came up on the screens, the entire crowd of about 4,000 people went, "Ewwww!" FML
By apparentlyugly / Sunday 26 April 2009 16:49 / United States
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By  rakhil11  |  7

awww i'm so swy!!!

By  julia19  |  0

i dont believe that....i doubt 4,000 people (or even close to that) would all be so disrespectful and call you ugly. fake much?

#4-I totally agree so many people copy FMLs

By  rakhil11  |  7

btw i voted 4 both. FYL bcuz u can't really control how u look (although makeup sometimes does wonders). However, YDI bcuz y the hell would u show a pic of urself 2 tons of random strangers, who r all around u??!!

  saintdroper  |  9

well. i would show myself to 2,000 people cuz im proud of the way i look. maybe she was proud of the way she looked and the crowed was just messing with her. not really her fault