By birdguts - 31/01/2011 02:34 - United Kingdom

Today, after 2 years together, my boyfriend finally proposed. I excitedly said yes. Just as we began to kiss, my half crazed cat ran in, dropped a half eaten bird at our feet, and promptly threw up on the carpet. FML
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beastin34 0

early wedding gift

aw, how romantic


First!!! And your boyfriend proposed. Be happy about that :)

aw, how romantic

agm2010 0

yup., really sets the mood.(;

babyale760 0

good kitty. n_n

You mean cats lick anus, dogs smell them.

ShadyFTW1 0


ShadyFTW I lol'd at your description. :P

Rub your cats nose in your poop. Revenge my friend, reveeeennngeee. >:) Jk. that's cruel :(

35 sucks as much as your profile picture

Ouch, unfortunate. FYL.

YDI.. Kitty not want!

Autoshot 9

It's a sign.

How is this unfortunate? Its a nice cat, he brought u guys a present for the wedding and was first to be the witness ;) at least thank him by eating the bird at the wedding :)

beastin34 0

early wedding gift

Dino33mite 0

lol I was just thinking, Can someone say engagement present!

2 years? finally? you are crazy

Pesi 0

he wanted to share the excitement?

cats are evil this is proof!

SaRah_In_LoVe 0


hehe just laugh it off!! why would you let ANYTHING ruin that moment??

helloletsgo 0

she's just bragging

lolwutguy 0

oh no red mushroom quick give me a red shell!! (mariokartwii)

FMLephant 2

It's okay to have leftovers when you get engaged.