By Milly - 30/01/2011 19:25 - United Kingdom

Today, I was trying to help a very slow-witted client over the phone. After a while, I realised he was just delaying while pleasuring himself to the sound of my voice. FML
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don't have phone sex, you'll get hearing aids boys and girls

If you were pleased with our service, press 1.


"Uhhh hello.... I need service... Trouble with my thingy... Very hard.... Say that again? Ohhh yeahhhh... keep going... keep going... again... yeahhh... mkay think I got it... now, you've been a... big help!.... I think I may need to call again later on tonight.... thanks..."

See, unless 19 is right, how the **** do you know what he's doing?

31, it ain't that hard to put two and two together...

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That's hot. Ask him where he lives and help him with it!


That's just my wiener and yes, he's a bit lonely.

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Ooh that really sucks! Try to look on the bright side, at least people think you have a sexy voice!

How exactly did you realise that he was doing "the deed"?

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Wow, your voice is that sexy? be happy or not.

traze 7

Wow, your voice is that sexy? be happy or not.

As opposed to the taste of your voice? The sight of your voice? The smell of your voice?

Ok, so you claim to be from England. This means that you've heard the phrase "sound of my voice" before. Evidently you are just a complete muppet that needs to be put down. I'm guessing your knuckles haven't quite scabbed over from your walk to the end of your street. Quit trying to be a smart arse and maybe learn something about yourself.

the guy was being a muppet. also text talk, idiot.

No, you're the one being a muppet and a twit. Chill out, now.

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I understand what you're saying Mac. OP shouldn't have put "the sound of my voice."

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And I understand you were trying to point out the obvious. (: Just kidding =3.

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I was directing it towards 56