By TheBiker - 01/03/2008 05:54

Today, the weather was nice, so I went for a ride on my motorbike. I sneezed inside my helmet. Full-face helmet, might I add. FML
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That seems dangerous, hope you are ok OP

Really? You hope she's okay? Is there anything at all that might suggest she isn't?

chill the **** out. When she sneezed the spit could've gone onto the lens and she could've crashed. That doesn't mean that's what happened, but why would you get mad anyway if they were just wishing her well?

It's not really that dangerous you can always open it and remove it with your fingers that's what I do

Wow, that's snot good. You should probably snot leave that on there.

How is this a FML? You sneezed in a helmet, had to pull over somewhere I assume and wipe off your face and helmet a bit.

That, and burping after eating a hotdog with onions and all...that is bad.

The weather is nice so you decide to suit up in full body gear to enjoy the nice weather from the confinements of your protective suit? Oh hey guys, it's a nice day out, let's go for a long drive in an air conditioned car and get some fresh air.

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I don't know if you actually ride, and if you do i don't know if you've ever seen what asphalt does to skin at 50+ mph, but if you did you'd understand why you're a moron.

You clearly don't own a motorcycle, it's a great feeling to drive trough the mountains with some nice weather

The images...They are not pleasant...