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I hope you had enough tissues

Take a moment with twix. Problem solved.


I hope you had enough tissues

Well did she?

I don't know how bout you go and find out

Has anyone realized that OP spelled accidentaly wrong?

Someone needs a girlfriend...

25, OP does, he obviously wanks too much at the computer xD

Simple mistake bro, doesn't mean he jacks off too much.

How do you know, it's not like he got auto corrected for saying or doing it too much.

Hope she don't forget to insert the compatible dick....disc...

Don't worry, computers don't get pregnant

Maybe this is a symptom of the computer virus your mom was telling you about earlier.


117- when the Frick did planktons wife get preggo? It's a computer wife, not a computer baby maker.

Ya but where did she come from ? She was a calculator before but thats all i know...-.- shut up i thought that was a good comment =3=

He built her. It was an honest effort

Freud would have some interesting things to say about that.

haha ive done that dont worry nbd!

And I jizzed in my pants.

2, you've ejaculated the flash drive from the PC?

Take a moment with twix. Problem solved.

Should've had a V8

*Bites twix* *Can't think of anything to come back from what happened" *Keeps on biting twix*

Third comment was the charm eh jakester

Eats a reeses....Aahh! It's not the same!

64- do I know you?

Isnt it snickers? Not twix

That's the hungry diva commercial pal.

96- "You're not you when your hungry. Snickers™© satisfies."

111-- how'd you make those symbols?

121- smoke and mirrors mate.....

"Take a break, take a kit-kat."

Everyone knows twix started these type of candy bar commercials.

Ooh be careful with those PC's, they can get cyber cum all over your hard drive.

I heard that can give you infections

:0 maybe that is what happened to my computer.. Poor thing got too excited

One can't help but wonder...what does cyber cum look like??

Awkward........ :/

OP stores so much porn on his computer that it has gained a sexually active conscious! You might want to get rid of the 'hard-on drive'.

Why isn't it? Maybe you should try upgrading to a hard disk.

You mean to say it might "Blow it's Load"?

Autocorrect, sorry :P

Grip it firmly and it comes right out.


Nah man. Leave it in there and get the job done! Pulling out is for dicks.

Grip it and rip it! No, wait, that's for golf, not self-pleasuring.

Thanks for the tip

Holy shit, that's some savage wanking you must do perdix! ;)

26- Spongebob reference! Patrick! Hahaha.

Firmly grasp it in your hand...Firmly grasp it....FIRMLY GRASP IT! *stab* 34, that sounds extremely painful.

Sounds messy.

Make sure to change the fappy disk!

so many dirty comments...

That ain't nothing, wait till you see computer birth. Now that's nasty!

Sweet baby jesus

No, sweet baby ray's. Great BBQ sauce.

make sure you dont catch a computer virus!

Your porn stash, eh?