By ughhh123456789 - 15/07/2009 22:23 - United States

Today, I was cleaning my old neighbor's bathroom, because he asked me to and I didn't want to be rude. Plus, I was getting paid. He told me to "get the floor pearly white." So I scrubbed, and scrubbed, and scrubbed. Turns out the floor tiles are naturally a dull yellowish. I didn't get paid. FML
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lesson: don't trust people when they ask you to clean things to a specific color.


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you couldve lied n said you were to busy

Bazinga! Now go shit on his floor and rub it in or let dish soap dry on said tile waiting for him to exit the shower with wet feet. His hip was bound to break eventually

Blackdemon 0

That sucks.... you should kill him

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She doesn't have to kill him because he's old. Take solace in the fact that he'll die soon and you'll keep truckin along =P.

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Your wise words are the entity that is wisdom, oh, great Enlightened One.

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lol I want neighbors like you.

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lesson: don't trust people when they ask you to clean things to a specific color.

you should crack his floor tiles or do something...Don't take that lying down...pun intended Don't think this a FYL...more of a YDI for being a douce bag and getting ripped off...

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so she deserved it? explain: i'd really like to know why she deserves this.

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she was actually asked to doing her spend time by cleaning a gross senior's bathroom that something i wouldn't do even for money. therefore, that's most unselfish ever i seen and yet u called her douchebag. you r idiot.

I agree, she should have been paid she scrubbed those tiles like it were her life line and she did not get paid. How does that make her a douche bag

"Gross senior"? What are you, 2? Elderly folks are still people, asshole. How would you like it if someone called your grandma gross?

and thats when you should haev pissed on the tiles.

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the old man already did, YELLOW TILES

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you should have just said they were white and blamed it because of his bad eye sight. :)

Never trust your neighbour, i dont :)

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Ew I'd never clean a bathroom unless its my own, that would be beneath me. FYL indeed.

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kinda. maybe they just think about what is on other peoples tiles like bacteria.

She was trying to do something nice for her neighbor.