By Anonymous - 16/10/2012 04:48 - United States - Saint Louis

Today, a one-eyed drunken homeless man followed me around the store I work at, screaming at me because I turned down his sexual advances. My managers and coworkers wouldn't kick him out because they thought it was funny. FML
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Keep an eye out for the guy outside your work, he might be waiting for you. And maybe look into getting another job if that's how your supervisors treat people. Either way, good luck!

Sounds like your managers are just asking to get sued or fired. They deliberately put you in harms way, it is obvious this guy had problems he could be seriously dangerous yet because they wanted a few chuckles they stood back and watched. The guy should have been thrown out of the store straight away and the police should have been called. I feel for ya OP. You should put in a complaint to their bosses I'm sure they would love to hear how your managers let a drunken homeless chase you around the store screaming, not only did it put you at risk but it would have cost the business customers because who's going to go into a store with a drunken lunatic in it.


Sorry, OP. But you can't really blame them, this is pretty damn funny! xD xD xD xD btw Popye, really? wow, you just ruined my childhood in a single comment. :'(

Now, I could be wrong... But I'm not so sure Popeye literally had one eye? I think he just permanently had a scowl on his face because he was a bad ass

Sounds more like the homeless guy from Florida who got part of his face eaten, he only has one eye, ( yes i know he is dead)

Are you sure he wasn't just a pirate?

Could be one-eyed-Willy

"HEY YOU, GUYS!" I'm a goonie.:P

The comma killed it! =P


Keep an eye out for the guy outside your work, he might be waiting for you. And maybe look into getting another job if that's how your supervisors treat people. Either way, good luck!

I don't know if you meant it cos your comment seems pure and honest but I can't help to notice the double meaning. Keep an eye? sounds like a great plan lol

Actually, I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out lol

So... thats how he lost it. You just went ahead and pointed it out without even thinking.

Time to call the police.

It is funny! But also freaky... sounds like he wants your booty!

Well, pirates are known to be chasin' after booty a lot.

29 got it.

Shit u stole my joke

From the way it sounds, this could definitely escalate. If you get off work in the dark, have someone else walk you out to your car just in case. And be careful.

And she should bring a sword, since this guy sounds like a pirate.

If OP is will to to give...compensation, I will be more than happy to offer my services as a ninja.

*willing to

Well that's some mean co-workers.

If the co workers wouldn't stick up for her she should have called the cops herself. I bet her co workers would feel awful if something bad had happened to her from this situation.

Even homeless people need some luvin, I'm sure he was tired of palmalhanderson.

He was a one-eyed, one-horny, flying, purple pussy eater.

I think you secretly liked the attention. ;)

If that were the case, we wouldn't be reading this FML. Plus, who would seriously enjoy that sort of attention?

It was a joke. I failed obviously. That means it's time for sleep.

At least you admitted defeat, I give you kuddos for not whining about all the thumbs down like some people tend to do.

33- Thumbed it down by mistake. Sorry.

Every damn time.

That IS funny!

Yeah guys, sexual harassment is SO funny! Learn to take a joke! /sarcasm