By leafscupwin - 16/10/2012 04:16 - Canada - Mississauga

Today, the person that interviewed me for a job was the same person I called a "fat bitch" at a baseball game after she knocked over my drink while she was dancing. She recognized me too. FML
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What? Really, I could've sworn I said "nice pitch"...


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Accidents happen* I have no clue why my auto correct ****** up so baddly

lVluse 15

Ya know, I just now realized the irony in this comment

Don't call karma a bitch! Thats asking for it

What? Really, I could've sworn I said "nice pitch"...

In her face..?? That could be taken sexually..

007type 26

Someone needs to get laid... ^^^

BellaBelle_fml 23

Why would you put your phone number in your profile? That's practically begging for some trouble.

23- No. I definitely do not "need to get laid". Bitch please, I'm fourteen

Draxanoth 15

That's such a tacky and down right rude thing to say, YDI all the way bro. No sympathy.

Aspen_Grace33 27

Even if she had knocked over your drink, it was merely an accident. Hopefully she is a bigger person and actually gives you a fair interview despite your rudeness.

nevershouttami 11

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exitdecay 6

looks like you won't be getting the job.

You outright disrespected someone by putting them down for something that was mostly likely an accident. Why would a work place want to hire somebody so rude who has that kind of attitude. I think there are three words that should be said right now.. You deserved it :)

Kallian_fml 21

People are rude to strangers all the time without even thinking about it. It was just bad luck that OP ran into her again.

DasHaas 9

Or, you know, people could not be rude to strangers all the time and instead behave like decent human beings. It's not that hard. And it often works out better in the end.

imavelociraptor 6

Well that's pretty rude so i don't know what you expected.