By NotBeingPaidEnough - United Kingdom - London
Today, a crazy homeless guy got angry because I wouldn't sell him a bottle of vodka at half price. He got so irrationally mad, he put his fingers down his throat and threw up on my checkout. FML
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By  Justy101  |  23

The worst is when your boss says that you have to clean it up. Had a bad toilet situation similar to this when I worked at Mc Donald's. I think I'd just quit instead.

  SpyroMello  |  29

Because a lot of them do shit like this. Not all of them are sane, most are drunkards are on drugs, so when they don't get what they want it's usually weird shit like this that happens. Just imagine what cops must go through!!

  Bibliovore  |  26

Being homeless isn't a state most people would choose. A number of homeless people (though certainly not all) became homeless at least in part because they're mentally ill, and it sounds like the one OP encountered may fit into that category. But being homeless can also _bring_ mental illness, because having nowhere to live and being treated like dirt for that by so many people can be flat-out depressing.

  Dat_Class_Tho  |  26

@9: I agree it's scary how easy it is to lose everything to bad circumstance, and being homeless doesn't always mean you deserved your situation.

But the drunkard in this story is a prick. And he can't just blame it on the booze. Alcohol doesn't make people do crazy shit, it brings out the REAL YOU that you've been hiding. So yeah, he is homeless for a reason.