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  Bri Chey  |  5

I was like completely shocked. My manager said I should’ve milked it to get the undercover cops attention but idk who that is so idk who to signal 😂

Probably thought the employee was “customer service-ing” him under the suspicion that he was trying to steal. He could have had that happen to him on more than one occasion and he finally had enough of it.

  Bri Chey  |  5

My manager was in a different store 😔 nobody saw and I was soo nervous the rest of the day I didn’t sell a thing.

By  Esisteinefalle  |  4

Criminal Battery and possibly Assault depending on what your state statute says. Next time someone shoves you I'd get law enforcement involved, there's no reason to become physical over a mere question no matter how your day is going or what the question is. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.