By amandadonnelly97 - 1/5/2020 05:00

Xbox (not in) One (piece)

Today, after weeks of saving, we finally got our Xbox One delivered. The courier guy who was bringing it up the two stories of stairs tripped on his laces, throwing the package over the side of the stairs. FML
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By  GamerChickxoxo  |  16

Now thats a sign your meant to join the PC-Masterrace.

Its time to enjoy games at a high resolution and a high refreshrate

Its time to understand the mechanics driving your experience.

Its time to save money on games with amazing steam sales,humble bundle,fanatical,gog,origin epic games ect

And who could forget the R.G.B.

Its time to leave behind the life of console peasantry

May your frame-rates be high and your temperatures be low


Please. Using consoles doesn't make anyone less of a gamer. I've always used consoles, and there are plenty of console-only games I enjoy playing that make my laptop nearly redundant. I mean how the fuck am I supposed to play BotW or AC:NH on a PC? And even if they were available, they'd be way more expensive to buy. Not to mention the cost of a decent gaming PC/laptop. After 30+ years as a console gamer, there would have to be a pretty significant shift in the market for me to move to PC, and I don't see that happening any time soon.