By PerfectVision - 11/09/2014 06:49 - United States - Long Beach

Today, I had to decline the sale of alcohol to a man who reeked of booze and was practically falling asleep at my till. He tried to convince me that he wasn't drunk, he was just blind. Still refusing to sell him the beer, he started yelling at me, accusing me of "being racist against the 'blinds'". FML
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At least you did the right thing.

Logic doesn't work well against drunk people.


At least you did the right thing.

No he didn't, the blind man is right. OP is racist against blinds. This worldwide tragedy needs to be ended.

-I show my support for the cause by wearing this ribbon. -You're not wearing a ribbon. -I am, but like the people it symbolizes, you can't see it. Blind power!

I don't SEE what's wrong here.. (Ha. Ha.)

incoherentrmblr 21

At least you got the Blinds To Go...

"You know what the biggest indignity is? I can't even masturbate! One morning I spent 20 minutes aggressively rubbing my shin, thinking 'Where's the sensation?'" "You were rubbing your shin? You couldn't tell?" "No, I couldn't tell, didn't you hear me? I'M BLIND!" -Ron Burgandy -Anchorman 2

Racism seems to be everyones excuse

Sad but true

OP sickens me! I bet the OP is racist towards trees too!

incoherentrmblr 21

Everyone's racist in some way, let alone prejudice. Does it excuse people from being racist/prejudice, no, but it's empathetical. For some people it's blatant hated, for others it's either subliminal or they had a/some bad experience(s).

DogeMan 14

Tell him u can't be racist against blinds when that's not a race?

Logic doesn't work well against drunk people.

littleteapot 21

Well technically there's no such thing as race(biologically speaking). No genetic differences between the races. You can be a "melanin-ist" haha

There are genetic differences in races. You can tell a person's ancestry, therefor their race, via DNA testing. This has been proven time and time again by various molecular biologists, and there are multiple documentaries of it.

Blinds are totally a race. One very prominent group among them are the "venetian blinds".

RedPillSucks 31

race is an artificial construct. the genetic diversity in humans is not easily delineated by the racial construct we have. all you have to do is examine "multiracial" people. if someone is part Asian and part Caucasian. five generations of offspring with only Caucasians will result in children who look Caucasian. no one would ever call them Asian, but by your definition, since they have Asian ancestry (DNA) they must be Asian.

zevo1415 10

The Blinds are a very proud race. They are so tolerant that they don't see color. If a blind man or woman saw this post they'd be soo mad

littleteapot 21

#20 I dont know what documentaries and articles you've read, but maybe you should check to make sure they're peer-reviewed. Race is a societal creation. The only thing that separates the races is the amount of melanin in their skin. Which is an environmental adaptation. People along the equator adapted to have darker skin(more melanin) because melanin protects the skin from sun damage. If there were genetic differences, different races wouldn't be able to procreate and create multiracial offspring.

StillUsesMyspace 22

Skin color (amount of melanin you are BORN with) is hereditary. Also, the ease of which a person produces more melanin is hereditary. This is dictated by your DNA, which has a signifigantly different code for melanin production based on race.

StillUsesMyspace 22

Race is literally an accepted human classification, sure the word is "made up". But so was the word melanin. Both words are made up but both are representative of a real thing, and are accepted by society to represent those things. (oops, tried to post this in edit but I ran out of time)

littleteapot 21

"This is based upon your DNA" So are the genes that dictate all of your other physical characteristics. Eye color, hair, color, hair texture, etc.

That's almost as bad as being racist toward gays

I like to call it gaycism. It exists, unfortunately. I don't consider it to be racism at all, but the terms fit together quite well.

CaptainCore993 19

But gay is not a race :/

Look at the bright side least he tried to convince you without swearing or threatening .

Lil_Red777 21

He was yelling lol

yelling is different than swearing and threatening..

It's pretty threatening when someone yells at you though

You've never heard a real threat, my bad

thebigtwinkie 28

Why would somebody deserve that

How rude turning away the "blind"....

Ikr? What was he thinking?

RedPillSucks 31

he just wasn't seeing straight

SystemofaBlink41 27

Man, that would fit perfectly for someone who's blind AND gay!

Let's just hope he doesn't complain to your manager. People on this site tend to get fired for stuff that isn't their fault

In many countries it's illegal to sell alcohol to those who are obviously drunk already, there's no way you'd get fired for following the law...

...So blindness isn't a race? I've been lied to!

Sounds like an episode of Shameless