By KP - / Thursday 25 June 2009 16:22 / United States
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  a1mostevi1  |  0

well thats the most "convenient" place to put it... i mean... the stalls are WAY at the back of the bathroom and some people cant be fucked to walk ALL the way back there.


By  Uvula  |  0

Im guessing you... Fyl because he didn't tell you the full story or just cleaning the shit? BTW dont expect your boss or manager to yell that somebody shit in the sink.


oh please don't do that. I mean, yes, FYL, but actually clean it, because if you just turn the water on and it looks clean, imagine the next person who uses the sink and doesn't know...they just washed their hands in...yeah.

Btw, it was probably some man with a baby that wasn't potty trained, didn't know what to do, so he panicked and had the kid take a dump in the sink. or....all of the stalls were full. So FHL for having to take a dump in the sink because all of the stalls were taken.

And imagine if you'd walked in on that...disgusting.


Today, during a meal out with my team and bosses, I wasn't drinking. The waiter complained, "If you're not ordering alcohol, how am I supposed to take advantage of you later?" I'm not sure what's worse, the rapey pre-dinner joke or the awkward silence as my colleagues looked on. FML

By pabj208 - / Friday 6 March 2015 00:07 / United Kingdom - Cardiff
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