By ihatethisjob / Friday 27 September 2013 08:18 / United States - Romulus
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  efettes  |  19

Personally I like the xp face and if someone were to judge me for an emoticon I use, well it would kind of make them sound like a ten year old.

  mFUNdo21  |  17

his statement was valid, yours not so much. how is he a jerk for pointing out you can't just take a shower at work if you smell bad, depending on the circumstances

  efettes  |  19

I worked at a store that sold bait and ended up getting fish all over me. I worked an 8 hour shift and didn't get to go home and shower even though I smelt horribly. Poor customers..

  ifavela89  |  13

first off you took that job knowing you were going to smell like fish. i guess his is to get thrown up on oh how could I have missed that. don't you think they would send him home because he would smell bad and have more customers complaining

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