By ihatethisjob - 27/09/2013 08:18 - United States - Romulus

Today, I was working the night shift when a guy came in smelling like alcohol. He kept muttering his order, so I leaned over the register to hear him better. My ear now smells of vomit. FML
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Well, better out than in, they say!! Oh, wait...

That brings a new meaning to the phrase, "spit it out".


Well, better out than in, they say!! Oh, wait...

Well it sure went out of his mouth and in OP's ear.

Now what we all really want to know is, how do you know your ear smells like vomit?

If OPs ear was thrown up on, he/she can assume it smells like vomit.

Gross I hope you washed your ear as soon as you smell it.

I'm pretty sure OP didn't just leave the vomit on their ear without cleaning it off...

SumBur 11

Also, how do you smell your ear? I know my nose isn't that long.

Time to go job hunting.

That brings a new meaning to the phrase, "spit it out".

That stinks...

Boo!!! Get a new joke! Xp

Please don't use Xp it makes you look like a 10 year old.

Personally I like the xp face and if someone were to judge me for an emoticon I use, well it would kind of make them sound like a ten year old.

I sure hope he didn't drive there..

I think they would have known by the 4WD in the wall.

moxie_cat 4

That's terrible- so sorry!

Nothing better than an earful of vomit, I kind of hope you were a sympathy puker and puked back on him

sympathy puker

I hope you showered right away so sorry op

jw90 18

Not if he was at work.

I think that's a great excuse to leave work jerk

his statement was valid, yours not so much. how is he a jerk for pointing out you can't just take a shower at work if you smell bad, depending on the circumstances

43 please refer me to the magical workplace where you can leave in the middle of your shift to take a shower.

I worked at a store that sold bait and ended up getting fish all over me. I worked an 8 hour shift and didn't get to go home and shower even though I smelt horribly. Poor customers..

first off you took that job knowing you were going to smell like fish. i guess his is to get thrown up on oh how could I have missed that. don't you think they would send him home because he would smell bad and have more customers complaining

Well damn op that suck but you have more resolve than me I probably would have thrown up in reaction to that.