By Tarzan - 25/04/2016 15:35 - The Jungle

Today, due to intense deforestation, my wife Jane and I have to take several transfer vines to get to work. FML
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Ugh I hate when that happens! FYL indeed.

This cracks me up. The button should read "I agree that's hysterical" rather than historical. =)

How is this historical? Tarzan is fiction.

okay, what the hell is with this " I agree, that's historical" ?

Aw man that sucks soon they'll be expecting you to entertain tree house guests for the neighbours who moved in next door.

I get the same problem. The vinepool lane is way faster. Though you have to watch out, occasionally you get trapped behind a barrel of monkeys and the next thing you know you're slipping on bananas. Either way your late to your 5 o'clock meeting.

zeeman2015 22

these are slightly confusing to have in the feed...

Yeah, I don't why they did this but it's stupid.

The comments are more amusing than the new feed.

Ugh I hate when this happens! I find that if you take vine 57 to the vine 63 you can get to the jungle much easier without having to go by the cheetahs.

I've already heard this story through the grapevine