Parents always know

By Anonymous - 07/08/2013 22:24 - Egypt

Today, my mum picked up a bunch of tissues that were scattered around my room. She examined them, then asked me to stop wasting her potential grandchildren. FML
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Well, you could've at least thrown them away or disposed of them.

I wonder how many billions of grandchildren she wants.


I wonder how many billions of grandchildren she wants.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

Ya thats pretty ******* embarrassing.

What's more embarrassing is that OP doesn't know how to properly dispose his **** tissues

My first thought, too. Except I thought "hundreds" instead of "billions."

It's rather frightening when you realize how many millions of little swimmers we have in a tiny tablespoon of semen. All it takes, is 1 out of those millionnnnnn. KIDS. DON'T DO IT

#33 Even if they were snot tissues, he still should have put them in the bin. Who leaves dirty old used tissues all over their floor? D:

#85 Even better, who leaves dirty old fapkins lying around? :P

This conversation makes me wonder how Spongebob used "Used Napkin"......

Well, you could've at least thrown them away or disposed of them.

Exactly. YDI for not using the trashcan... that's kinda gross.

I've always preferred to use the toilet. The evidence is pretty much gone that way.

K410 18

Ikr ******* burn them or something -.-

SwaggCapone 11

Maybe he threw them at the bin and didn't think anyone would be picking them up because who does that

How old are you of your mom is still picking up after you?

my brother is 21 and when hes down from university, my mom coddles him and cleans his room. i just blame it on hispanic mothers babying their baby boys.

You sound like my friend Lakin- hispanic sister to an older brother, single mom (their mother)... She complains about the same thing.

Or living at home while your mom wants grandchildren...

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Sick op, throw out your trash so your mom doesn't have to handle your **** collection

Nothing at all says she was correct.

And a tissue used to catch a sneeze or blow OP's nose is any better?

hcollins1 18

12, if OPs mom wasn't correct, then he wouldn't have made an FML, he would've just simply told her otherwise.

Mom has a point, try to dispose of your trash better and maybe she won't get confused of what you are using them for?

Misskayfoyer 14

Lets hope she was just assuming it was that. Cause leaving that around your room is kinda gross.

Not to mention the smell of all those tissues. So gross.

Spider_Web 11

Nothing like the smell of **** in the morning

127 your display picture matches your comment so well...

Why did your mom examine used tissues?

I looks like she wants you to be in a relationship...but in all honesty I don't think it shouldn't matter until the time is right...