By checkup - United Kingdom - Redditch
  Today, I finally hooked up with the girl of my dreams. We went back to her place, and I explored every inch of her body; luscious lips, hourglass curves, genital warts... The worst part was when she got angry when I refused to continue, shouting, "No wonder you're still a virgin!" FML
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  juunebug  |  2

It's treatable, she should get on get them burned off like regular warts. Very low chance of transmission if she does that and then uses a condom every time and keeps an eye on herself for outbreaks (and then gets them burned off again if they pop up).

  fluff23  |  7

He never said he didn't want to be one... Read it over again, genius. These days, virginity is like a rare gift... Seeing how people loose it so soon

  geko911  |  22

Yeah lol I read it all from top to bottom... Then I was like woah woah woah!! Did I read that right ??
OP there is no shame in being a virgin. I personally prefer being a virgin than a whore hound.
You'll find that perfect one some day.

  downtime  |  12

Harsh comments when we can't even be sure they're genital warts.
How many virgins do you know that can accurately identify an STD from what is possibly a natural phenomenon? You'll find all kinds of non infectious, naturally occurring abnormalities on people.
We also don't know that she didn't get them as a result of a single long term relationship.
But hey, I get it, closed mindedness under the guise of intelligence is all the rage these days, so have at it!

By  roswelluga  |  4

wrap it and go for it!