By Cherrish it - 04/09/2012 04:24 - United States - Carmichael

Today, a girl told me she stopped eating cherries ever since her father choked on one when she was a kid. She later mentioned that she doesn't like to drive. I sarcastically asked, "Did your dad choke on a car too?" Nope, her two brothers died in a car accident. FML
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Smooth, try not to be so sarcastic next time

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randomthing 22

2: I agree. There's no way the OP could have known that.

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It's really annoying when someone says FML because they are or acted like an asshole. So you were really tactless? Oh, F YOUR life, you poor dear! I'm sorry, but obviously YDI if you were just being thoughtless. Next time, OP, maybe think about the possible reasons WHY someone wouldn't like to drive instead of resorting right to sarcasm.

Why be a smart ass in the first place? She can have whatever reason she wants not to eat cherries, no need to reply like that to her other dislikes. What an a**hole.

Maybe OP shouldn't hang around that girl. Bad luck seems to follow her.

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It was still kind of insensitive of the OP, and it still would have been even if no one had been killed in a car accident.

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I don't understand why no one has yet called OP asshole of the year yet. OP obviously didn't care about what the girl was saying about the cherries since he decided to go ahead and make fun of the next thing she said. This has YDI all over it.

Well, I'll assume he just choked but didn't actually die. If he did though, that was very tactless of you.

Um... Did you just ignore the end of the FML? Kind of missing OP's point.

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Yes, 3, it is possible to choke on a car -__-

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I think #3 was meaning that the dad just choked on the cherry and didn't die because it would be bad to bring up her fathers death again.

I was indeed talking about the cherry, I thought that was so obvious that it didn't need to be mentioned.

His point is that if the girl's dad was dead, it would be a really tasteless joke to make.

Smooth, try not to be so sarcastic next time

Especially when the topic is their family members, it doesn't normally end up well based on my experience.

Don't go outside a bird shit on grandma once Don't play baseball because auntie has hit by a ball once... If you allow other misfortunes control your life you will not have one.

37, I understand what you mean but having two brothers die in a car accident can't really be compared to trivial things such as birds and baseballs.

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I do have to count this as FML only cause there's no way op could have seen that coming, especially in casual conversation such as it seems this was.

41. Tell that to the kid whose dad stretched for a baseball, slipped and died, last year. So the kid should hate baseball and never go to a game, instead of remembering his and his dads love of the game. There comes a time when we have to suck it up and continue to live our lives. Sure morn their loss but continue to live your life.

I would have said the same thing in that situation because she did set Op up to say that.

Driving is a dangerous OPTION, not a loved pastime. Dude, get a grip.

My cousin died this past March in a freak car accident at the age of 16 when he was flipped out of a jeep due to a faulty buckle. I don't think jeeps are safe vehicles now, which makes me not choose a jeep to drive, but that doesn't mean that I'll swear off driving all my life. Shit happens, people get hurt, and sometimes die. That's life, and if we left the negatives affect us severely we won't live life to it's greatest potential.

I found your response funny, if that helps :')

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Aww! Nice going! That poor girl!

It's a tad obvious that she had a bad experience in a car. You can never be too careful when asking about that stuff