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Today, a girl was telling me how she was very stressed over her parents' divorce and moving away to another part of the state. While I was listening, I started choking on my saliva. She thought I was laughing. She hasn't spoken to me since. FML
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As someone who regularly chokes on their own saliva, I feel your pain. FYL

Don't get all choked up over this, OP. Things will get better soon.


As someone who regularly chokes on their own saliva, I feel your pain. FYL

Bloodjoker 11

Ask her to teach you how to "swallow" :-P

18- But first you have to ask yourself, "Is the swallow African or European?"

Monty Python and the Holy Grail!!!!!

I was going to comment 'how does this even happen?!' Didn't expect the first comment to be someone who does that DOES that even happen?

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

#37 As you breathe your mind decides to be an ass and swallows. This causes your saliva (or any other liquid) to go down the wrong pipe. It's kinda painful, and happens ALOT to me. Coughing is uncontrollable.

Just explain it to her. She might understand.

She'd laugh at him for choking on saliva

BellaBelle_fml 23

Yea, she might give it a little chuckle. It is fairly humourous to see happen to someone else because you can make some silly faces and noises when it does happen. But I don't think she would necessarily be laughing at him, or teasing him that much, over something so mundane.

Don't get all choked up over this, OP. Things will get better soon.

How can a choking sound be mistaken for laughter?

Probably that split second throat sound you make can be interpreted as a snort. I bet that's what happened.

i hate it when this happens :/ it always happens when im in the middle of serving customers at work so i look like a goon.

mellingeramber 13

Or she may have thought that he was trying to contain laughter when he was just choking.

perdix 29

No problem, she's moving across the state. LDRs never work, even if they are just friendships. Try to swallow your saliva successfully when around your local friends.

While I can see your point, LDRs can work. That's up to them to decide if they want to try it. Hell, for all we know they live in a state like Massachusetts where "halfway across the state" is an hour away at most.

Just face it OP, you really choked on this one, but don't get all choked up about it, hopefully you'll get a chance to explain yourself.

Just posted this joke before you did. Great minds think alike though.

I'm in a bad reception area so updating is slow my bad haha

Squirrel1256 15

She sounds like a very volatile person anyway, don't be too hard on yourself OP.

There once was a girl named Kelane, This girl she knew was in pain, She choked on her saliva, The girl thought it was laughter, Although she didn't, she couldn't convince, And thus they have not spoken since.

McNikk 15

I'm assuming that you did try to tell her that you weren't actually laughing... Right?

rg350dx 29

Offer to take her to a comedy show to prove that your laugh sounds nothing like your choking on digestive juices does. Boom. Date and redemption.