By hegchog12 - United Kingdom
Today, my boss told me that as funny as it is, it is inappropriate to mock customers with my "fake" Scottish accent. I don't, he refuses to believe that I speak with a Scottish accent. FML
hegchog12 tells us more :
What makes this FML worse is that I still live and work in Scotland. I brought it up with my boss, turns out he thinks it's "disrespectful" to put on my "fake" accent after the referendum. I really must look for a another job. I don't want to offend anyone but Im one of the few people in the Scottish highlands that don't speak the "queens English".
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He thought he was just doing an impersonation of Shrek and he hired him because that's his favorite movie. Little tip to anyone seeking a job: Do the entire interview as your interviewer's favorite movie character. Works every time. Well except for that time I hobbled my interviewer. I guess that's what he gets for liking Misery so much.

  ZombieSazza  |  34

Some people think you fake your accent, mine is quite thick for a Scottish lassie and some refuse to believe it's not fake. I'm from the North, we speak different up there than in the South. -_-