By ulisha5 - 02/08/2013 21:54 - Bulgaria - Burgas

Today, my son told his 8-year-old sister that since she swallowed an apple seed, that a tree is going to grow in her stomach and kill her. She's inconsolable and won't believe that she'll be fine, because "they say that to all the dying people on TV". FML
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She's pretty clever to not fall for your shenanigans

This girl is going places. Not college, but places.


She's pretty clever to not fall for your shenanigans

K410 18

And brother of the year goes to... XD

My brother did the same thing to me when I swallowed a watermelon seed by mistake. Mom couldn't convince me he was lying. Then started to get a bit chubby and I blamed it on the "watermelon." I was not the sharpest lightbulb In the crayon box as a kid.

Actually the brother of the year award goes to the kid who convinced his sister that they were a ghost family.

I feel it. I used to suck my thumb until like first grade, and to get me to stop my mom showed me pictures of frost bitten fingers and told me that that's what would happen to my thumb if I didn't stop sucking it. It scared me shitless, despite the fact that some of the pictures were of feet. Why didn't I question people sucking on their feet? The world may never know

Does this FML remind anyone of that Rugrats episode where one of the rats of the rug swallows a seed? Or am I just really old and delusional?

gameofthrones_fml 12

#54 nope you're not crazy, I have a vague memory of Chuckie swallowing a watermelon seed. Then they all go inside his stomach to find it.

43 - some people actually do suck their own feet. My cousin used to do that all the time as a kid. She didn't stop until she was like 12.

54- So that's where my brother got the idea

#38 Well, if you think sharp light bulbs are in crayon boxes..

Poor kid. Totally brainwashed by the media so does her generation

Yeah, it's clearly the media to blame, not, like, the brother that told the sister or the sister for being so gullible or stressed.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

3--doesnt really go with this fml but true statement.

35 - Sure it does! He's comparing the brother to a bad seed. Eventually he will stop pranking his sister. As for the seed inside the sister... It is sadly no longer a seed but a mess of digestive fluid. This comment does not deserve thumbs down!

ViRepz 28

Give her some weed killer to drink

that isn't even funny, that's horrible and inhumane. you should be ashamed

Yeah because poisoning an 8 year old Is great parenting

To give her actual weed killer yes, that's just messed up, I agree with 16. wouldn't be a bad idea to mix up some juice or something & slap a "tree killer" label or something of the sort to ease the lil one's mind...

evilonesdaughter 12

21- until she believes you totally and then the next time she eats an apple seed, helps herself :o

Since its an herbicide (designed to kill plants) and not a pesticide (kills animals) or a biocide (kills all life), it wouldn't be good for her and she might need to have her stomach pumped but it wouldn't kill her

At the risk of down votes, he's just joking. Yeah it's messed up if he was being serious bur you all jumped down a guy's throat for making a joke that wasn't that bad.

ViRepz 28

The one thing FML has shown is people take everything personally and have no sense of humour

bingbongbingbong 11

Just a joke, people. A good one, too. Can't you guys just appreciate a good joke? Geez.

This girl is going places. Not college, but places.

Whatever, I think she's pretty clever to have already discerned that social cue from adult television shows.

ViviMage 38

Should you tell her some seeds germinate AFTER they've been in the guts of an critter and they never die? Nature doesn't kill birds and squirrels!

Tigerblossom 19

Just tell her that if it was going to grow it would have happened (insert amount of time) ago. Or give her a "special juice" that makes the tree not grow, preferably not apple juice.

I would do that. But i would probably give her applejuice.

That's what you normally have to do with young children #7. Sometimes you have to make things up to get rid of the things that were made up. My mind is now twisting from trying to phrase that.

flashback.miss 28

Ahh! Siblings pranks. But hopefully, you have yo son console her

Misswildsides 22

Google it and show her the results, that should calm her down. Then help her plot revenge

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

Except google isnt a reliable source.

@36 But you can find reliable sources through google. That's generally what people do, they don't rely on google itself to give an answer.

It's scary how reliant our generation is on google.

Better than being reliant on bing *shudders*

I don't know what's worse: the son convincing the daughter or the daughter believing the son.

Well they are just kids after all. With time she'll see it was just a stupid prank, and then the revenge shall begin

Can't expect the daughter to know the truth.