By ulisha5 - Bulgaria - Burgas
Today, my son told his 8-year-old sister that since she swallowed an apple seed, that a tree is going to grow in her stomach and kill her. She's inconsolable and won't believe that she'll be fine, because "they say that to all the dying people on TV". FML
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  Ctrl_H  |  18

My brother did the same thing to me when I swallowed a watermelon seed by mistake. Mom couldn't convince me he was lying. Then started to get a bit chubby and I blamed it on the "watermelon." I was not the sharpest lightbulb In the crayon box as a kid.

  slooby_fml  |  25

I feel it. I used to suck my thumb until like first grade, and to get me to stop my mom showed me pictures of frost bitten fingers and told me that that's what would happen to my thumb if I didn't stop sucking it. It scared me shitless, despite the fact that some of the pictures were of feet. Why didn't I question people sucking on their feet? The world may never know

  Uramonkey  |  11

35 - Sure it does! He's comparing the brother to a bad seed. Eventually he will stop pranking his sister. As for the seed inside the sister... It is sadly no longer a seed but a mess of digestive fluid. This comment does not deserve thumbs down!

  gallaeo  |  21

To give her actual weed killer yes, that's just messed up, I agree with 16. wouldn't be a bad idea to mix up some juice or something & slap a "tree killer" label or something of the sort to ease the lil one's mind...

  emilie_gambii  |  9

Since its an herbicide (designed to kill plants) and not a pesticide (kills animals) or a biocide (kills all life), it wouldn't be good for her and she might need to have her stomach pumped but it wouldn't kill her

  HowieDoIt  |  21

At the risk of down votes, he's just joking. Yeah it's messed up if he was being serious bur you all jumped down a guy's throat for making a joke that wasn't that bad.

By  ViviMage  |  38

Should you tell her some seeds germinate AFTER they've been in the guts of an critter and they never die? Nature doesn't kill birds and squirrels!

By  Tigerblossom  |  19

Just tell her that if it was going to grow it would have happened (insert amount of time) ago. Or give her a "special juice" that makes the tree not grow, preferably not apple juice.

  Cleu  |  12

That's what you normally have to do with young children #7. Sometimes you have to make things up to get rid of the things that were made up. My mind is now twisting from trying to phrase that.