By ppema - 31/07/2015 18:28 - United States

Today, I went to a frozen yogurt stand with my dad. One of the flavors was called "Juicy Cherry." I had to stand there and watch in horror as he told the woman running the stand all about how he'd like to taste her juicy cherry. FML
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qdawg06 23

Clever x10 but also creepy x100

what a thug haha


I hope she slapped the shit out of him

What for? that's the name of the flavor. . . go to a bar and u can ask to taste the bartenders' "wet pussy" or u'd like the bars "red-headed slut"

She could get arrested for that but I doubt it.

The twist is; the yogurt lady is OPs' mom...

what a thug haha

MdMan2 23

Thug isn't necessarily the right word here…

He means Thug Life. Youtube it. Watch the videos and you will understand. That wild fit in perfect

MdMan2 23

I know those videos. He could've said thug life then, not thug.

What a thug life haha? yeah, that totally makes sense #57

#57 seems like you just want to complain about something

Daddy got game. Any sane woman would happily accept such brilliant flirtation.

Not really. Funny thing is, she probably already heard it a hundred times before from other pervs.

I'd definitely feel creeped out if a random stranger started talking to me like that. Regardless of the name of the yogurt.

Pretty sure Welshite was being sarcastic, guys.

Besides "can I taste your juicy cherry?" is the correct way to say it. I mean if you want to taste a flavor to see if you like it how else would you ask? Its not his fault it sounds perverted or that she may see it that way.

More like no woman ever. That's harassment.

You got the wrong idea about ladies

your sarcasm ^ the commenters

A play on words isn't harassment.

qdawg06 23

Clever x10 but also creepy x100

RedPillSucks 31

not so clever. it was kind of obvious. what would he have done if the flavor was black cherry and the woman was black? answer: he would have gotten the shut smacked out of him,

Did she even have her juicy cherry?

He's got balls.

But no juicy cherries

Agreed. That never would've scored him anyone. But still, never heard of anyone so bold as to make such a ridiculous pick-up line at someone. He does have balls for that. Granted, for the wrong reasons.

Maybe it was a legitimate question? If he wanted vanilla but wasn't sure if he liked it he would say "can I taste your vanilla?" So logically it would be the same phrassing for juicy cherry right?

How horrible, he shouldve told her both of u guys wanted her juicy cherry...

You somehow managed to increase the creepy factor by 100,000

I expected some fucked up comments. This is not one I expected

Talk about creepy. :/

SauceySarah 30

Dads will be dads, right?