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Some people just can't handle rejection.

Prove them all wrong


Some people just can't handle rejection.

On that note she probably doesn't handle revenge well either. *wink*

18, you're mind is tainted.

21 who on this site doesn't have a tainted mind?

I can help you with that...

Well just start whipping out your junk and showing it off

Haaaaahaha who wants to bet that they actually fucked and this is his attempt to convince people that his denials are truthful?? Sorry about your penis OP.

bro just put the tip in, it doesn't even count. but perhaps you already did and that's all she felt.

Fyi everybody, sarcasm is a subtle art ;)

26, you're in the wrong place if you have a tainted mind lol

I'm kinda reluctant to comment now. Everything I say gets down voted. Fuck my sense of humour right?

Rumors like that come and go. Start explaining that she's a creepy stalker you declined. Eventually everything will pass.

Too bad no one will believe that a girl is stalking a guy though.

I would believe it. Have seen it before, more than once.

28, you need to get out more. Girls are psycho. I've had them hide in my bushes.

I had one in my closet, I still don't know how she got in! Pretty sure she picked the lock, but not sure. :/

Who could resist stalking you, 50? With those chubby little cheeks and tiny little ears.

It's college too.... No one will remember in a couple weeks

0.0 Dog haters?

28, why would you think that? Women are just as capable of being stalkers as guys are!

??? Of course they will. Happens all the time.

@39 They hide in your bushes to get you into theirs?

28- ever heard of Taylor Swift?

Prove them all wrong

Yeah! Show them your dick! ... Wait what.

When in doubt whip it out

Well that escalated quickly

A stalkers revenge

You could just tell everyone that she was extremely loose because of the colorful sex life she had.

\ 28

Cold, cruel revenge. Also reminds me of a certain episode from "Malcolm in the Middle..."

Honestly, if a girl did that to me I would do the same and spread rumours about her being unhygienic ect.

That's screwed up.

Which is why it's on FML

Troll stalker strikes again.

When did the first strike?

Put out your jr so he can say hi to the world

And so then he can be arrested for public indecency, yeah!!

Rumours usually disappear as fast as they start...there will always be another victim of rumours so don't worry, soon you'll be forgotten and the limelight will be cast upon innocent victim :-)

*another innocent victim

Well, looks like you may need to go streaking... Good luck!

He might be a grower, not...well you know.