By Anonymous - 28/06/2013 18:07 - Egypt - Cairo

Today, I woke up to a flooded basement. That basement is my bedroom, so I'm completely surrounded by water. All I need is a tiger and this would be like The Life of Pi. FML
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So you already have a zebra, and orangutan in your room? Lol

You need a tiger? I know a guy...


Just be glad that the house flooded and you didn't actually wet the bed.

Oh ya. I forgot that flooding is nothing compared to wetting the bed...

I love when people say "ya" because I automatically give them a swedish accent in my mind. And I was sorta alluding to ralph simpson when his house floods and he thinks he wetted his bed. Very poorly I might add.

Huh. I've almost always used ya because its quick like the way I say it. Yeah feels long and drawn out so I use it mostly with sarcasm.

I gotcha. I can't really explain it too well. Its just like this Boston/Swedish accent in my head. I don't like when people say "yea" instead of yeah because it just sounds like "yea, verily I say to thou brother"

I've never thought that, #11, so needless to say, I'll think it FROM NOW ON!

My girlfriend's father is Swedish, and he's very careful about his accent because so many people just want him to talk more because they thinks its hilarious hearing 'ya'.

So you already have a zebra, and orangutan in your room? Lol

Granted they are already dead, but yes.

don't forget the hyena!

Lol. And yes can't forget the hyena.

Isn't there a badge for commenting 3 times on your own comment? Lets see...

It could also be waterworld

You don't even need any exotic animals

There are 2 kinds of people.

You need a tiger? I know a guy...

Who, Mike Tyson? I hear he gets royally pissed off when people steal his tiger.

Mikey and I are tight. He lets me borrow his tiger all the time.

i tried to borrow his tiger and now my right ear is missing

But 24... You are a tiger...

Dammit I meant 19

Perfect excuse for a boat bed

I had a race car bed, when will my room ever fill with asphalt and exhaust fumes?

My airplane bed is still proving hard to figure out where to put the jet fuel. I already took my roof off and everything.

I'd imagine your room must have to be huge in order to get any take off speed, try tearing out a wall to expand your runway.

Cept you'd need a sex change too since the kid in the movie is a boy.

Sigh. You tried.

I know and I failed. ):

Im just pretty suprised you slept through the whole basement flooding (given it happened overnight) water would've been flooding heavy/loudly to fill the basement by the time you woke. Either way I hope swim well and bought insurance from Allstate, because it seems like mayhem struck again.

do Allstate have jurisdiction in Egypt?

Just get two long sticks so you can paddle around your room. This way you would never have to walk around your room again :)

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming... Haha.

...All you gotta do is swim, swim - OH, I LOVE TO SWIM!!

Hope nothing got damaged well major...