By Anonymous - / Friday 28 June 2013 18:07 / Egypt - Cairo
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  Sinistra_Blue  |  12

I love when people say "ya" because I automatically give them a swedish accent in my mind. And I was sorta alluding to ralph simpson when his house floods and he thinks he wetted his bed. Very poorly I might add.

  Sinistra_Blue  |  12

I gotcha. I can't really explain it too well. Its just like this Boston/Swedish accent in my head.
I don't like when people say "yea" instead of yeah because it just sounds like "yea, verily I say to thou brother"


Im just pretty suprised you slept through the whole basement flooding (given it happened overnight) water would've been flooding heavy/loudly to fill the basement by the time you woke. Either way I hope swim well and bought insurance from Allstate, because it seems like mayhem struck again.