By pussystroker - 19/11/2009 17:20 - United Kingdom

Today, a cat came up to me on the pavement so I petted it a little. An elderly man rode past on his bicycle and shouted "I'd like to stroke your pussy too!" FML
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Epicly awesome

OMG! I DIED when I read this, bwahaha! Thank you for the laugh!


i_is_a_tr00l 0

ME TOO! I would love too, too. ;-0

omg I peeed my pants I was laughing so hard

snagglepaste 0

Isn't that a compliment?

it would b if he wasn't an old mam

Epicly awesome

UnearthlyEnemy 9

So is the OP's name.


haha if i were there id give that old man a hi five

epic win for the old man

I hope I'm that quick-witted and perverted when I'm an old man.... Kinda like Lewis black.

123e3 0


OMG! I DIED when I read this, bwahaha! Thank you for the laugh!

RiskiBusiness 1

lol same here!!

RiskiBusiness 1

lol same here!!

ghandilover25 3

Know what I love... When people comment the same thing twice.

That comment was so deep. Please tell your story again.

picturetaker 0

lolz, that would be awesome. I don't see how this is an FML.

Kingcc 0


Would you like to be fucked by an old man?:b

Erindub 0

Coolest old man EVER!

raineydayes 0

^^Agreed!!! One of the funniest old men too!

Hahaha, awesome! Older people always come out with hilarious comments.

You get a thumb up for cute/fuckin awesome profile pic

Sorry, that was you? Oops.


lol that's soo creepy but funny at the same time. but it's not really a fml it's just a old man joking around