By Scared - 05/06/2012 00:54 - United States - Arlington

Today, I walked in on my mother stroking my cat and murmuring, "Don't worry, kitty. One day, you and I... we will rule." FML
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the_anti_hipster 7

Sounds like your mom's off her meds again...


the_anti_hipster 7

Sounds like your mom's off her meds again...

baddawg365 0

She's doing it Gollum/Smeagle style though: Op's mom: My precious *strokes* We will ruuullee *gollum cough that he does* YESSS my precious

maz255 10

"this world will be plagued by feline aids kitty...then...they will know"

sinking_fish 12

29- your comment just made this fml so much more visual for me. :D

ThisIsMyReign 4

Where in Virginia so I know where not to go?

jellycorn 13

Gollum and smeagle? It's a scary fascination... Kind of like Snape and Lily

smileeee_fml 0

Did no one else think of Inspector Gadget..? (:

baddawg365 0

52- Thank you, I was hoping I could help someone out

70-Gollum and Smeagle are the same person, so unless I totally missed something, it/they don't have a whole lot in common with Snape and Lily.

Lol your cat hypnotized your mom to help it take over the world!

GVirdi 11

It's the other way around...

RealReasons 0

What? Don't be ridiculous! There's no way a cat ca- ALL HAIL HYPNOCAT!

Hypnotised? By a cat? But that's imp- ALL HAIL THE HYPNOCAT!

Kefka91 15

Dude, first it's zombies in Miami and now mind controlling cats... What has this world come t- ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOCAT!

Hypnocat's taking over the world!! SAVE US NYAN CA-all hail Hypnocat... o.o

HypnoToad will always be my ki... ALL HAIL THE HYPNOCAT!

Alright, enough with th.. ALL HAIL THE HYPNOCAT!

You guys are so st... ALL HAIL HYPNOCAT!

Okay, seriously guys, I'm ending this. Aha see, I ende... ALL HAIL THE HYPNOCAT!

Link5794 18

**** THE HYPNOCAT! Not literally.

Ok guys, you need to learn when to end a jo-ALL HAIL THE HYPNOCAT!

TheElderTROLLZ 15

I liked your "Dr. Evil's mother?" idea better.

Unrelated point I would like to make to number 3. Your profile says you are a garment nazi, yet you, yourself, suck at grammar. What you were describing is a spelling nazi. Don't worry, it's a common misconception.

At least she wasnt stroking her cat...

TheElderTROLLZ 15

Is OP Obi Wan? I dont know, it seems more to me like OP is James Bond once again captured by Spectre and that OP's mom is Blofeld. O.o

It's OPi one Kenobi, better recognize.

XxHoPPoxX 8

Thats not your cat she was stroking eh eh eh....

I say you hide her stash of Vodka... Or whatever she's on.

you've no idea about alcohol and its effects, do you?

I don't know about you, but it sure aggravates my desire to take over the world. Just whets that appetite for evil!! Either that, or I become a kitty. Meow!

#31 the effects of alcohol is ending up having sex with ugly and fat chicks.

I dont think its a joke, she actually has no clue.

47 i read your profile. Dont do crossfit lol, they have no clue what theyre doing

I meant #53. **** I feel stupid now.

Zombies! This is the beginning! Mynas were right! -hopes on spaceship and flys off to moon when FPSRussia has a secret base-

Hops* And I didn't specify that her mom and cat made people into zombies..

You better ask your mom if you can join that plan. It wouldn't be nice if you were ruled by a kitty. Oh and also, save a spot for me!

I think being ruled by us would be very nice. Being massaged 24/7, laser pointers as entertainment, and Cat naps whenever and wherever you desire.

lorenzoman77 7

91- I love your picture! =D isn't it the thumbnail for SeaNanners YouTube channel? =F

10121995 0

What's interesting is you have a pic of a dog...

Probably not, but good thinking. Women may become irrational during menopause but my guess is that this lady just wanted some love only a cat would display. If trying to avoid menopausal women at all costs, just steer clear of ones who are trying to fashion napkins into fans at the local air conditioned diner. Hot flashes can be nasty. Or so I'm told. :)

Most likely a genetic trait. Look forward to it, enjoy it, relish it!

Reminds me of the man who talked to his little gorilla toy... Maybe that's her husband?

Blood is thicker than water eh. By the way, I aspire to make it onto your list. Some day...

RigBig, show me awesome and creative comments, and one day you will be on THE LIST.

doubt it, but good job for spelling it right. (not being sarcastic)

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Well, one of the symptoms for schizophrenia IS delusions ("one day I will rule the earth!" or "I'm Batman") but I doubt OP's mom is schizo (I doubt she's truly having delusions, either, for that matter).. Honestly I say weird stuff to my cat all the time... >:) she was probably just listening to her voice and how it sounds when she says certain stuff :P