By Slow_Walker - Georgia - Tbilisi
  Today, I was watching The Walking Dead while in bed, when I heard a noise in the kitchen. I told myself I was just imagining things. Several hours later, as I was getting ready for sleep, I found out I'd actually been robbed. FML
Slow_Walker tells us more :
Yeah for me too... my reaction was taking the biggest kitchen knife, locking the door and looking for that bastard... for the moment i thought i was capable of killing someone... it scares me.. didn't know i was capable of even thinking like this :0
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  FBellesLife  |  15

Very true, but unfortunately not everything is replaceable.
OP, maybe it's time to check if the doors and windows are locked, regardless if you are or aren't in the house, could have been worse. FYL but YDI.

  niallo  |  23

I disagree. If you catch someone robbing your house, unless you're really big, the chance is they'll attack you. A life is more important then stuff, even if it's irreplaceable. FYL


#11 she kinda said the same thing? That a life is more important than the stuff getting stolen? You're right about how odds are you might get attacked but that's kinda irrelevant to her comment.

  niallo  |  23

31. I agree, but I was replying to 8 who was talking about stuff not being replaceable. I forgot to tag the person I was replying too. My bad.